Trans Girl Rage
Katelyn Burns

What is so terrifying about unisex bathrooms? And why the never ending terror of a woman with a penis or a man with a vagina using one restroom instead of another? They have unisex restrooms all over Europe and Europe is not a toxic wasteland because of it. They just have stalls. No freaking big deal.

You don’t want your middle school girl seeing a penis? Guess what? She already has! Pre-teen boys pull them out constantly. I remember middle school, even though it was many years ago.

I’m a soft butch lesbian. When my hair is short, I’m constantly having to drop my pants in public restrooms to show the freaking out women that, yes, I can be in here too. If lines are long, I couldn’t care less about walking into a men’s restroom (except they tend to be filthy) and going to a stall. I don’t want to see your penis…I want to pee!!! Preferably not in my pants…

“Trans women” is incorrect. They are women. Not to discount the experiences and trauma trans women must have to deal with, but to call them anything other than women is insulting to these women and me as a cis lesbian.

I’ve heard the complaints from other cis women who feel traumatized by being around a penis. While I do not dismiss your trauma, you cannot argue your trauma is worse than anyone else’s trauma. There is no rating scale. You don’t get a 1–10 trauma rating. Trauma and the extent to which it affects your life is yours to rate, but you cannot rate another person’s trauma as being less or worse than yours. Is the person suffering 3rd degree burns on a leg in more pain than a woman giving birth? Medical professionals must rate pain by the severity and possible fatality, but realistically pain hurts. No one knows who feels pain more acutely than others. Trauma is trauma and this pathetic game of “I’m more traumatized than you” must end if we are ever to move to a compassionate society. Deal with your trauma rather than wrapping yourself in it like a flag. I’ve been raped twice, I’ve been beaten to a pulp by skinheads. Yes, all of those were traumatic and took time to work through, but I don’t let them define me. I don’t hate or fear men. Nor do I hate or fear women, even though I was raped by a cis woman while paralyzed in the hospital.

Suck it up, people. Women do not go into restrooms to hurt you. They go to urinate. Or poop, as the case may be. A woman with a penis is not going to molest you or watch you. More likely you’ll be on a toilet cam placed by the pervert owner or employee. Personally, I’m much more concerned about the number of people who can’t be bothered to wash their hands after using the restroom and if you were sane, you would be too.

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