Tips to Create a Donut Garland

Donut is undoubtedly one of the most favorite desserts everywhere in the world. When you have a donut with colorful and tasteful toppings on it and you take a bite of it, you wish it would never finish. Donut has been among the adults’ favorites but it is now becoming equally popular among the children in a way that they may prefer donut over candy boxes full of chocolates.

The beautiful toppings on the donuts are a treat to watch in a way that sometimes we wish to have decorated donut being showcased or placed somewhere in the room in place of decoration pieces. Good news is that this decorative arrangement is very much possible. This arrangement is great for the children room but you can consider it if you are hosting a donut party. You can name this arrangement the donut garland or anything related to a donut party.

To create this garland, you can purchase a paper donut kit from the market. The main items in this kit are the paper donuts and the topping representations, which mainly include a glowing felt frosting and the stickers of small fruits and candy pictures. The best way to showcase these decorative donuts is to hang them with the wall. How can you do it? Follow the tips mentioned below and get it done with ease.

Items in the kit (or the items that you need to create if you like to DIY)

· Felt stickers

· Paper donuts

· Yarn

· Yarn threader

· Stickers

Steps to create the garland

Step 1:

Peel off the backing from the sticker of felt frosting shape. Attach that sticker with the paper donut but make sure that two holes, meant for the passage of thread, are not covered under the sticker.

Step 2:

To give the paper donut with felt frosting a bit more of a flavor, the topping stickers serve the best. There are endless options which mainly include candy sticks and small candies, and fruits like strawberries.

Step 3:

After the donut representation is ready for a show, pass the yarn through holes in the paper donuts in the way illustrated in the image above. Maintain a constant distance between every donut to make overall representation more organized.

Attach two ends of the yarn with the wall and let the donuts give a show.

The paper donut kits are highly affordable and reusable for any occasions that would involve donut as the major edible item.