What do you bring to the table?

  • My confidence: If you haven't already noticed I'm a confident woman. A woman who is confident in both herself and her abilities. This means that when I step into a room I can command respect because my head is held high. I don't doubt that I can bring value.
  • My intellect: I consider myself to be an intelligent woman who can give meaningful contributions to any discussion or situation.
  • My beauty: Yes, you read that right! I'm an extremely beautiful woman, a pleasing sight to behold. Interestingly, my beauty opens a lot of doors for me but my intelligence keeps me in. So I use my beauty to my advantage a lot.
  • Eloquence and outspoken nature: I'm a seasoned public speaker who expresses herself seamlessly. Due to how eloquent I am, I can hold the attention of my audience as I speak to them. I'm also not scared to speak up when the need arises.
  • Leadership skills: I consider myself a decent leader. I make sure that things go on as they should when I'm in the vicinity. I don't sit back and watch things fall apart, I take charge and responsibility for situations.
  • Competence: I’m a competent person who sees things through. My word is my bond so if I say I’ll do something, I’ll do it.
  • I'm not the lady you send to separate a fight or quarrel. I'm a no-nonsense and short-tempered lady, so if any of the parties cross me in the process of mitigating the situation they might end up getting a brain reset from my slap. This isn't a good trait but it's one I manage by not putting myself in such a situation. When these issues arise, I step aside and let the person more skilled in de-escalating situations take charge.
  • I'm a spontaneous person who so most times I make decisions on the spot. Most of the problems I've had in life are a result of this trait. To resolve this, before I make any decision I consult a more grounded person. A person who thinks things through. As much as possible I try not to make decisions alone.
  • I'm not a very good negotiator so when the need for one arises, I step back.
  • I shout a lot when I'm pissed. It is so bad that if anyone tells me to calm down during these times I'd channel my anger towards them. I try to manage this situation by staying around people I respect and love so that no matter how angry I get my voice will never go up. I also stay around people who can handle situations more maturely than myself, people who listen to my complaints even when I whisper. I've noticed that around such people I seldom shout when offended because I'm assured that they'll handle things.




I write about the issues that we need to face but are afraid to discuss. My thoughts and my pen have a married relationship.

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Kristina Mimam

Kristina Mimam

I write about the issues that we need to face but are afraid to discuss. My thoughts and my pen have a married relationship.

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