Zillow (Redfin, and others) are looking to disrupt the real estate industry, and bring more…
Brandon Copley

Thanks for the comment Brandon. I agree that the way we approach real estate is a bit outdated. I’ve been a consumer longer than I’ve been a Realtor and to me, a company like Zillow is pretending to be innovative. It’s pretending to be transparent by providing some information…yet, a lot of it is outdated and not accurate. Consumers are being tricked into thinking they know more than they do. I know I’m biased now because I’m a real estate agent, but I felt the same way as a consumer. The way we handle real estate is changing and I’m excited about that. When I entered this field, I thought it was a bit flawed, but it IS changing. For now, I just want to point out that Zillow may seem to be your friend, but they make money off of using your information as leads to give to Realtors. Your best bet is finding an agent you trust who will set you up with automatic searches. The brokerage I work for, Reilly Realtors, has a search engine of their own. It allows consumers to look through open houses current homes on the market and neighborhood guides. They even have a blog and buyer and seller guides. The only thing you really can’t see are homes that have sold in the area. This you can easily get by asking a real estate agent. I previously worked for another brokerage that I didn’t think had the consumer in mind at all, so I understand the bad reputations the real estate industry can sometimes have. I appreciate all the feedback. Thank you!

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