What to Wear with Every Shoe Color

So, you love shoes! I guess or should I say, I know every girl loves their shoes. We can’t get enough of them. Yeah, the dilemma we are all facing! Let’s be honest. …

If You Love Spring, You’ll Love This!

If you love Spring!

Although winter is still here, you know that the cold won’t last that long somehow. Let’s take a few steps ahead, shall we, can you smell the flowers bloom, because I certainly can!

My most cherished season of all the seasons because the dazzling sun makes everything look so beautiful…

Top 5 Best Hat Trends You NEED Right Now!

Hats on! If you’ve been trying for so long to find the best accessories that will give you a more refined, edgy look, this may be your best shot in achieving the style you have always desired! I have a secret to tell, maybe some of you have jumped in…

A rendes lányok csendben sírnak — Katarina Durica

Based on true events. The novel wears ‘A rendes lányok csendben sírnak’ as its original Hungarian title (which can be translated to ‘The nice girls cry quietly’), written by journalist and author Katarina Durica.

The book is a melting pot of the author’s own personal experiences, hearsay, real stories about…

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Tina Fashion is the personal style site of Kristína Sárkányová. You can find her online at www.tinafashion.blog and on Instagram at kristinasarkanyova.

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