“Dope post. Keep it up!” Recruiting Ads on LinkedIn that Make You Smile

Recruiters all over the world are dreaming of quickly closing their vacancies and attracting the best and the brightest talent. All the methods are great, but one of the best is a witty and funny ad. We’ve compiled 10 of the most creative recruiting ads that we found on LinkedIn.

The article was originally published on WISP blog.

Recruiting with a human face

Lee Davies, a recruitment consultant from EliteNationalRecruiters, describes himself as an “insert witty strapline here” person. Every ad created by this guy from Wales is living proof that recruiting has a human face. And this is the face of Lee Davies himself, which he sticks on the ads with the help of Photoshop.

“Work from home, generate and close your own leads? And no pyramid schemes. Honest.”

Lee Davies illustrated the ad with the photo of a future sales manager. Boxers, socks, and a happy smile… Women will agree: Yes, this is exactly a work-at-home man. Lee, you definitely knew this!

Feminists can’t object to this recruiter — he complies with gender equality in his ads. The next ad for a position in sales was illustrated with a picture of a woman.

Permed hair, mustard silk blouse, the pictures of kids in frames and metal grills on the windows… Lee, in which year did you last see a woman?

“Why have I started to post this kind of ad? Well, it’s all about the target audience. Say, for example if I’m looking for an individual with over 15 years of experience, I wouldn’t be looking at using the sort of language I do. However, I find that some dry humor always helps in candidate attraction!” is Lee’s reply to the WISP question. “Sometimes people complain that it’s not suitable for LinkedIn, but then it generates traffic, so it works! After all, who wants to be the same as everyone else on here?”


What do you think is the most attractive bonus for an ambitious young specialist joining your company? A high salary and an opportunity for career growth? Oh, gosh, don’t be so old-fashioned! It’s food, of course! At least, it seems that people from British recruitment agency Blu Digital think so — along with those from a dozen other companies whose ads we found on LinkedIn.

If you are a PR star, you have been waiting for in Ready10. People from this PR agency, which describes itself as the agency with more drama than the Superbowl, have already raised a glass to toast your health. Don’t drink champagne? Maybe cupcakes, then?

A large fashion retailer, Arcadia Group Ltd, is hunting too and is inviting a new-hire to be part of a culture that values teamwork. According to their ad, their corporate culture is best illustrated by a Christmas lunch. In their photo, you can see meat, potatoes, broccoli, ice cream and…oh, some guys from the team. Mmmmm!

“Want to work with these wackos?”

Did you happen to like the movie about Sweeney Todd, the demon barber of Fleet Street, in your childhood? If yes, you will definitely be interested in SJ Hair Design’s vacancy ad.

Studio Loclifer Dread Hut, which is also looking for a professional stylist, offers you an alternative, in case you prefer a movie about the guys from South Central.

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