Westminster attack in 2017

At the begging of the year a new attack shocked the citizens in London. The attacker is called Khalid Masood and is 52 years old, he drove a car that he had hired from a depot in Birmingham over Westminster Bridge, near the House of Parliament. Masood killed four pedestrians and injured about 50 others as he mowed down members of the public. One witness said he sped up, mounted the pavement, and began hitting pedestrians indiscriminately. The tragedy happened on Wednesday 22nd March at 2:40pm. The attacker was shot dead by armed police. 
 Prime Minister Theresa May had just voted and was standing in members’ lobby with other Tory MPs. She was seen being quickly ushered into a silver Jaguar in the grounds of the Palace of Westminster and whisked away to the safety of Downing Street. 
 Later it becomes clear that Masood was born on Christmas Day as Adrian Russell Elms. His mother changed his name to Ajao when she married again and the whole family moved to Tunbridge Wells in Kent. 
 Masood reportedly converted to Islam later life and had a spring of aliases. He was previously known to M15 was once investigated in relation to concerns about violent extremism, but was considered “a peripheral figure”, prime minister Theresa May said. 
 This is the basic information about the terrorist attack. The following video is the opinion of one of the citizens living in the UK.