The Ism Collision

“I am better than you” It is this mentality that oppresses an innocent group or group of individuals. So how can we, as a culture, speak of the need for equal rights but continue to oppress another group of beings based on…well…based on what? Based on the color of their skin? Based on their sex? Based on their ability to be captured or raised and grown purely for our consumption? Speciesism, Racism and Sexism are all injustices to our world. They each suppress happiness and the ability to live a long and healthy life. How are we able to pull the covers over an injustice in our minds knowing it causes other’s pain and suffering and end of life.

Why is the vision of a dog being beaten harder to stomach then a cow being raped and tortured? Are we that ‘checked out’ that we allow society to dictate what is wrong and what is right? In this thought surely we are the victims. Unable to make healthy decisions for not only ourselves but also (unselfishly) for other innocent beings that put their faith in our trust and good nature. We don’t choose to see the process of what happens before the burger. Most wouldn’t google “the slaughter process” like they would “how to grow carrots”. No one wants to see it. No one wants to know. For when you see it you feel. Watching an animal in agony makes you feel, well, awful. It is easier to ignore the truth, to pretend it’s fine, then to change yourself. Change is difficult but a healthy and necessary part of life.

We cheered for Wilbur in Charlotte’s Web! We wanted the Fox and the Hound to find a way to stay ‘friends forever’. We seem to celebrate the underdog, the animal that escapes and is free from harm but then we can turn around and eat a pot roast? What is going on here? We seem to collectively sympathize with only what we see. If we see it. If with our own set of eyes we witness an injustice happening with a person or an animal, a discomfort inside begins. Then, with many, and of course depending on the circumstance, and maybe the specific type of animal, it is difficult to not become vocalized. To not want to stop or change. To not correct what “Just Isn’t Right”

I know pain and suffering. I have seen pain and suffering in others. I don’t like it or wish it on any living being. Being vegan encompasses and celebrates that understanding and purpose. I will continue to work hard at minimalizing the impact of suffering on others. Taking personal responsibility to improve the earth and health of all its inhabitants is important to me. Life is a beautiful unexpected process and as I grow I hope to guide others to follow their natural empathetic path. Any contributions you make towards eating less meat and dairy will greatly improve your personal health, connection to other beings and deepen your roots to our earth.

Using animals is wrong. You use a pencil. You use your car. You don’t use a person. You love a person. You help and care for a person. To cultivate a world that erases the Ism Collision is to create inner (your soul) and outer (our world) harmony. Standing up for animals -not eating them- is taking a personal step towards ending Speciesism and other worldly injustices. It is saying “I want to be and live in a happy and healthy world and I can change my eating habits to create it.”

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