Honest Review of the Diabetes Protocol Program

Diabetes Protocol Review

While most people are aware of the seriousness of diabetes, few are exposed to the regular annoyances that diabetics face – the monitoring of food intake, the insulin shots, the oral medication, the side effects, and so on. To say their lives are easy would be a very misguided statement.

So when a product is marketed as a cure for the effects of diabetes, heads will naturally turn. The product I’m speaking of is Diabetes Protocol.

The major appeal of Diabetes Protocol is its claims to drastically lower glucose levels and reverse the effects of diabetes in only 19 days. Skepticism is always present when such claims are made, but I’m willing to give someone the benefit of the doubt when I hear something that appeals to me. And this product appealed to me.

So below, I wanted to share with you a bit of what I know about Diabetes Protocol – including what it is, who created it, and how it works. And hopefully, what I share with you will help you make an informed decision on whether to buy this product.

What is Diabetes Protocol?

Diabetes Protocol is a guide/meal plan created by Dr. Kenneth Pullman that focuses on reversing the effects of diabetes via lowering the liver and kidney’s production of glucose. However, it’s more than just another meal plan guide. It seeks to rid your body of diabetes while freeing you to live a more normal life – which means eating “good stuff” again (pizza, ice cream, fries, etc.), no insulin shots, and no oral medication.

The guide itself outlines the specific 19-day process that Dr. Pullman used to lower his own blood sugar levels from a reported 270 to 100. This plan is his contribution to helping increase diabetics’ resistance to diabetes-related issues.

Who is Dr. Kenneth Pullman?

According to Diabetes Protocol official website, Dr. Kenneth Pullman is an independent scientific researcher and academic consultant who’s researched diabetes for over twenty years. He graduated magna cum laude and has been involved in several diabetes-centered research projects over the years. His biggest inspirations for creating Diabetes Protocol stemmed from his father’s battle with diabetes (in which his father ultimately lost his leg) and his own Type 2 diabetes diagnosis.


What does Diabetes Protocol Offer?

At its core, Diabetes Protocol is a meticulous 19-day meal plan program that aims to rid your body of the effects of diabetes and allow you to live a more normal life. The meal plan’s main goal is to prevent the kidneys and lungs from generating so much glucose – the premise being that lower glucose levels means fewer diabetes symptoms – a premise that makes sense, especially when you here Dr. Pullman explain it.

Where Diabetes Protocol stands out is in the formulation of its meal plan and the specifics in which it is laid out. To be blunt, it makes following the meal plan exceptionally easy. The diet you’ll follow is aimed at achieving the right balance of enzymes and amino acids that lessens the amount of glucose your body produces. The diet itself consists of various fruits and vegetables and supplements that, when taken at the right intervals, will achieve the desired effect.

Without giving away the precise meal plans, I will say that the system is strict, but easy to implement. All of the foods and supplements can be easily gathered from your local pharmacy and grocery store, and the plan is designed to keep cost at a minimum. All in all, the plan is very effective.

Diabetes Protocol Cons

Too much information. I admit this con is a little biased. I’ve studied diabetes for quite some time, so the sections on how diabetes works and the effects it has on your body is already well known to me. Therefore, I feel the book could’ve been a little more condensed. But, if you’re either newly diagnosed or just studious, then you will probably find this “con” to actually be a “pro.”

Can be a bit tedious. It’s a meal plan that involves fruits and vegetables; so regular trips to the grocery store are required. And the strict schedule means you have to be on top of things. The fact that the book can be downloaded onto other devices makes this a little easier. Reminders could also be effective, too.

Diabetes Protocol Pros

Well-presented information. I love how well put-together the information is within this guide. Yes, there’s a bit much in my opinion, but it was all informative, easy to understand, and very readable. Dr. Pullman’s 19-day plan leads no room for second-guessing the instructions. And that’s exactly how it should be.

Good, actionable advice. As a whole, the information and advice given in Diabetes Protocol was accurate (as compared to my own knowledge), eye opening, and beneficial. While I didn’t agree with everything Dr. Pullman stated in his guide, I was left with no inquiries about his knowledge and expertise in the field of diabetes. The man knows his topic.

The Final Verdict

While I’m not sold on the prospect of lowering blood sugar levels 170 points in the span of 19 days, I can’t dispute that following the advice presented in Diabetes Protocol will most definitely help significantly lower blood sugar levels. Dr. Pullman’s arguments hold up, and that ultimately sold me on the potential behind his system.

I think this is a solid product, and could prove to be helpful in battling back against diabetes (Type 2 and Pre-diabetes).

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