Lightworkers in the Era of Trump Part 2: The Wisdom of Harmony

In part 1 of Lightworkers in the Era of Trump, I explained why I believe DJT is the president that spiritual people and lightworkers need to help bring greater wisdom and harmony to the world — if we accept and wisely use the gift of chaos he brings.

I’m already getting pushback from progressive friends CAP TYPING that it’s obvious that we all need to resist — can’t I see the shitstorm brewing?

Well, yeah, I can see it. But when you make the obvious response to surface level events, you get the same predictable result.

Resistance — in the way that most people are doing it these days — is reaction. Reaction makes you predictable. A lemming. The Russian advertisements and interference in the 2016 election shows (at least so far) that they weren’t laying out well-reasoned arguments to sway people. They know how to trigger our most volatile reactions, and their stories and tactics pull those triggers again and again, and laugh as we react the way they know we will.

Because reaction is predictable. When you choose (yes choose — it is a choice) to act from reaction, you are a predictable lemming.

If you really want to disrupt the disruption, choose wisdom.

Wisdom is subversive. Wisdom, in part, is non-cooperation with reaction, and therefor quietly undermines the force you want to disrupt. You won’t get as many Youtube hits, but if you want create a world of more cooperation and collectively-beneficial solutions, and less reactive tit-for-tat, then wisdom is the route to take.

Talking about wisdom can be a challenge because it’s associated with a well-reasoning and astute brain. True, the brain can learn great stuff, but wisdom isn’t in its domain. The brain is a pattern-making, pattern-expressing, organ. It only knows what it has learned and it reacts/responds to what comes to it through the sensory world.

Wisdom is in the domain of the open, connected heart. Your heart has its own brain — really. Your heart begins beating before the head brain has formed and it can continue beating long after the head brain is considered dead.

Where the head brain’s domain is to process information taken in by the five senses, the heart brain takes in information from the subtle field that connects everything — the Universe or Source Energy as many people call it. The heart is the source of intuition and the knowing you get that you need to take a course of action — or not take it — despite the logical reasoning, and impassioned arguments, of the brain.

Interestingly, the information flow between brain and heart is 90% from heart to brain and just 10% from brain to heart. In the womb, the cells that make up the brain originated in the heart and traveled up the neural tube to the brain. To me this says that the brain is pre-wired to receive heart energy and the information from the subtle field that the heart connection brings.

The great dilemma for spiritual folks, and humans in general, is that the brain is hard-wired to respond to fear, not to the higher vibrations and non-linear, non-dual information that come from the subtle field. This isn’t a moral failing, it’s a survival strategy. Your brain’s original prime directive is your survival, and fear is the best way to do that. Fear-based lessons encode ten times more powerfully than encouraging, empowering, loving ones. Fear also shuts down the flow of heart energy, leaving you stranded with only your learned patterns to act and react from. Defaulting to fear patterns when things get testy is how we got into the mess we are in.

For the people who graduate from survival mode — and many don’t, most stay caught in repeating known, and thus safe, patterns, albeit in new and imaginative ways that feel like they are making progress. But eventually they cycle back to the same predictable outcome, repeating relationship/family patterns, career/success/money patterns, body shape/health/lifestyle patterns, repetitive thoughts and emotions, and so on.

In safety mode, you don’t stray far from the security of the tribe, either. The tribal war brewing today is the initial silence from Hollywood on sexual abuse/power abuse when it is one of their own power players (Harvey Weinstein) and not DJT or a GOP. And the totally hypocrisy of the right denouncing HW when they gave DJT a golden pass. Which leaves a vacuum of moral authority that nothing but wisdom can hope to fill.

Reactive predictability is as exhausting as it is tedious. But when one more dollar or one more moment of power or one more breath in the safety of the familiar can get squeezed out of a pattern, we pull the handle again and again like a gambling addict on a slot machine.

After the election, more than a few lightworkers and spiritual folks told me they felt their life was over. This was different than the “move to Canada” talk in the post Bush election. It was a weariness that all they had been trying to create for themselves had been voted off the island and they didn’t know how to continue.

I get it. I’ve struggled with checking out since the day I was born, this world is such an insane place. I’d be long dead if it weren’t for the siren call of wisdom, and the solace it brings to my body and being — and even my brain. Wisdom to me is the deep well that we long for beneath the money and comfort we work for; the true security of feeling at home in the Universe, the world and in your life; the experience living in an environment of reciprocation and support, and not in the frantic, tribal fear of hoarding and lack.

What I said to my friends (some of whom no longer talk with me) is that yes, your life as you know it is over. And so is mine.

Though it’s always been true that the choices you make effect the world and not just yourself, in times of chaos, like we are in now, every choice you make, you make for the world. Every choice, every thought, every emotion, is a vote for the kind of world we are creating when the chaos stabilizes into a new status quo.

The magic of this moment in time is the in-your-face demand that you choose, in every moment, between wisdom and fear.

The choice for wisdom is what I call Sacred Activism.

Traditional sacred activism is the fusion of social justice and a codified spiritual, religious and/or ethical idealism that stretches beyond your personal self-interest to bring about a more just society.

In this new sacred activism, there is no dogma. It simply invites you to look to your body’s own harmony system for guidance, not a prefabricated template from outside. Sacred activism is independent of political persuasion, religious affiliation, gender identity, nationality, immigration status, and so on. It invites you to explore a new relationship with your heart and to look inward, beyond your learned, hidden or cultivated beliefs to your biology — to your body — and the feedback it provides about how to thrive in your life and in the world.

The case I’m going to make for choosing harmony isn’t a moral, religious, spiritual or ideological argument. It’s founded on biological truth.

Encoded into your body is a simple system with two easy to identify feedback loops that tell you in each moment whether you are in harmony or discord, supporting health or diminishing it. I’ll talk about these systems and how to use them in this ongoing blog series.

Body systems are part of larger systems — relationship, families, networks, countries, the global community. When you choose wisdom and harmony, the feedback loop you radiate affects your personal physiology and health, and also the health and functioning of all you are connected to. Consistently choosing wisdom and harmony changes both you and the world.

Harmony allows the brain to receive heart wisdom and to access the higher-order thinking that creates higher order solutions unperceivable to those who look for solutions from familiar hidden patterns, or from cultivated patterned like ideological or other constructed systems.

The best part is that you don’t have to be the one who comes up with all the solutions — whew! You support global change simply by choosing wisdom and harmony in yourself, your relationships, your work, and the challenges that arise in your life. Like the butterfly whose flapping wings changes the weather, your choice ripples out to subtly and not so subtly transform the world

Here’s a quick thumbnail of the feedback system of Harmony and Discord…

The loudest barometer in this Harmony-Discord feedback loop system is your emotions. Emotions profoundly affect your physiology in a powerful and immediate way. You’ve experienced this every time anger has juiced you with a surge of blind reaction, and in the quieter but yummy upswell that comes when the love of your life walks in the door.

These two basic feedback loops are your body’s way of telling you what gives you life — what supports your physiological health — and what sucks it away. They are nature’s way of showing you when you are self-organizing as a sustainable system and when you are pushing the detonator of your own destruction. Acting on those two feedback loops feeds either the stabilization of human life on earth and the systems that support it, or push it further to the brink of self-annihilation.

There are a lot of people preparing for the brink — just watch Preppers. When you choose to react with and act on anger, fear, vengeance, resentment and so on — even for a “righteous” cause, you help to push your body, your life and the world toward self-annihilation.

When you choose to step beyond your entrenched emotional reactions and the blind drive of emotional and egoic conditioning, and truly let your connected heart and body wisdom guide you, you contribute to self-organizing sustainability — for your own body and life, and also the world.

So yes, my lightworker friends, your life is over in a way. The life directed by the old emotional and egoic patterns that you have been working so hard to transform through meditation, energy work and honing your vibration, is over.

It’s go time. Everything about this chaotic moment in time is about putting that transformation into action, standing up to be counted, declaring your choice and showing up to that choice with every breath.

Choose wisdom. As if the fate of the world depends on it, because it does.

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