38 Days In India- Day 11

I woke up this morning craving a salad. A good, crisp, healthy, fresh salad. They do have salads in India but people talk about eating lettuce here like it’s the plague so I’m a little too scared to give into my craving only to get a stomach parasite.

For lunch I decided to go with the usual. Indian food all covered in different curries. Arabella was feeling terrible & drug herself into the kitchen. If you miss lunch you have to wait until dinner time which isn’t until 7pm. Lauren came & plopped her plate down as she sat across from me along with her beef sticks. Breaking the law one beef stick at a time.

When we headed to the boarding home today I realized how much more used to the heat I’d become. I no longer felt I was being punished for something or like I was constantly sitting in a pool of my own sweat. It is still almost 100 degrees, between 98 and 100 at least. As we quickly whipped around to make the last turn into the boarding home a bull & I made eye contact as our faces were within inches of eachother. I gasped & then thought about what would really happen if we hit that bull by accident. Killing a bull is illegal in India. Not sure what happens if you do it by accident. They say a bull is equal to your mother so if you accidentally killed your mother you’d still go to prison. I wonder if it’s the same with a bull, gotta dig deeper into this one.

The flu is spreading amongst us girls at the guest house. It seems so odd to be sick like that when it’s so hot outside. It’s like you constantly don’t know if you have a fever or if it’s just the weather. Right before I was about to eat dinner the founder of the trust told me I’d have to go to Jaipur tonight for some meetings with a few of the teachers. The drive is about 6–8 hours & I was so exhausted but I knew he wouldn’t be asking if not for a reason. He told me to pick one other person. None of the other girls wanted to go. We had just made that 12 hour trek back from Agra two days ago.

Minnie who’s the new English girl was happy to come with me so I picked her. We ordered some pizza from Dominos because I could not handle one more plate of white rice & curried stuff. As we waited for the pizza, we each hurried to our rooms to pack. I showered, ate half my pizza and was ready to go. Dominos pizza here is interesting. It’s the closest thing I think we can get to regular pizza but there’s some sort of cheese sauce between the cheese & the bread that looks like mayonnaise. We all piled into the company van headed for Jaipur. Minnie & I in the back, teachers in the middle and the driver and the trust’s Representative up front.

I had brought my own pillow after learning my lesson on the last journey & I started to get comfortable. After an hour or so I sat up but still had my pillow in my arms as I was likely going to knock back out shortly but currently we were on the Indiana Jones ride at Disneyland. I kid you not I thought we were both going to get whiplash. Giant holes, massive amounts of dirt flying up in the air. We wanted to keep the windows open because it was so hot & the van doesn’t have A/C but if we kept them open we’d be coughing up dirt for the rest of the night.

As it finally started calming down & I was about to lie back down the teacher sitting in front of my turned around looked at me & grabbed my pillow from me. I didn’t understand what she was doing so my response was…oh…okay. She turned back around lied down on my pillow and went to sleep (pictured below) Minnie & I looked at each other like what the fuck just happened? So because I’m a nice person I attempted to get comfy on these hard non-padded army seats, but couldn’t. I noticed the other teachers were looking at her sleep and giggling. She woke up & was sitting up & one of the teachers says “she’s not even using it” speaking of MY pillow. I responded “yes, so can I have it back? It’s my pillow, she stole it.” I know I know, maybe I should’ve just let it be but I was extremely tired & just annoyed that she didn’t even ask. The other teacher was like yes, which Thief Teacher was shocked about but I didn’t care.

We made our first stop at chai place off the road. I asked for a toilet because I always have to pee and the man explained there was no toilet but open space in the back. That is normal here and often I prefer it over the nasty bathrooms I’ve encountered on this trip. Me, Minnie, Thief Teacher & another teacher headed to the back. The nice teacher told us not to go far so Minnie went to the bottom of a little hill & I was going to stay at the top of it and wait for her to finish so my pee wouldn’t trickle down to her feet. Thief teacher again gave zero fucks and just started peeing. Minnie was trying to say “wait, your pee! It’s going to go on my feet!” But either she didn’t understand or pretended she didn’t understand. I went to pull down my pants and we heard dogs barking, aggressively. Minnie & I quickly picked up our pants & I got ready to run. As much as I love dogs here, there have been too many cases of crazy dog attacks & rabies. I’m not going to lie I was terrified a dog was going to come bite my bare butt as I was peeing. Thankfully that didn’t happen & we all piled back in the van. I laid down on MY pillow & fell asleep anxiously awaiting Jaipur in the morning.

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