The Good Pain
Kristin Marie

I am ashamed… I can’t hike the miles. I lived precariously those that cross my path. I am a an undercover angel of the PCT. I pick up strangers off the trail heads or from the grocery store. Shhhh…. don’t tell. My family thinks I’m crazy and tell me I can’t or shouldn’t. WHY? WHY WOULD YOU TAKE IN STRANGERS???

I do it because I can’t, I do it because I NEED to, I do it because I want to be closer to my mountains, I do it because I feel like they need me to help. I am at at a crossroads, the spot in the desert just before Kennedy meadows. It’s one of the toughest spots in the PCT and I want to help. 5 to 10 days in the desert from Tehachapi to Kennedy meadows. There is not likely there is any water so you carry what you need, it’s hot, you climb elevation, you switch back, you drop in elevation repeatedly.

I want to offer a zero day, take a shower, eat home cooked fresh foods, just relax for a day or two.

I feel good helping. My hikers make me happy. They are grateful and have stories to tell of the places they have been and where they live. Mostly they are not Californians. They come from other states that I’ve never been nor will I get a chance to go to, they come from countries I will never get to see. The places they have been and the things they have seen. Yep I am a child of the 70's… a hippy left over. I can’t help it, I need their love and stories, I want to know where you’ve been and the the things you’ve seen.

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