The 1996 Article Every Millennial Should Read
Savannah L. Barker

Sorry, but as someone who was 20 when Clinton was elected, and working in DC, in politics, I remember FAR too well the Hillary who you are re-writing history on. Barbara Bush made many statements that weren’t in line with her husband’s administration, didn’t follow a career path she wanted, etc. Laura Bush did. Michelle Obama did. All these things are a choice.

Calling Hilliary a ‘feminist’ demeans all women. We should be able to stand or fall on our ideas, results, abilities and other qualities — of which trust and honesty is key. THAT is why Hiliary isn’t getting the Millenials, or lots of other people. Even those who say they will vote for her generally come in below 30% (even as low as 10%) when it comes to ‘do you trust Hillary Clinton’.

She made a choice — back from Arkansas — to do whatever it took to cow women to keep them quiet so she and her husband could get to where they wanted to do. Those aren’t the actions of a feminist. They are those of a bully, and someone who is already part of the establishment, and will do what it takes to get what they want.

She made a choice to stand by Bill Clinton when the sorid Monica Lewinsky debacle played out. She decided to run for Senate from NY, to become Secretary of State, and to think she could still do things her way, under this cloak of entitlement the Clinton’s have always had — no problem, have a junior staffer install a server in your house and ignore the rules on the use of personal email for secure national emails. Bengahzi.

Most importantly, and troubling, is the amount of money she, Bill, and Chelsea have taken through the Clinton Foundation. Billions. From global heads of state, large corporations, etc. And we are supposed to believe her — when she has lied to us all so many times before — when she says there is no quid pro quo, they wouldn’t get an extra minute on a call, an extra moment hesitation when making a decision involving any of these people? If so, you are being very very dim.

Millenials are seeing the right version of Hillary. We are all the sum of our experiences. No one is a blank canvas, and she is covered in a multitude of colours. The question is when too many bleed together — when does that inital interaction + others lead to handicapping her from being the best choice for the party’s nomination, and possibly the presidency? She’s lied. She told us how very very broke they were when they left the White House now they are literally millionaires many times over. She has made dubious decisions, both personally and professionally.

You talk about a misogynistic press. She talks about a vast right wing conspiracy press — especially during her husband’s impeachment hearings.

You have to remember, she is married to one of the few president’s ever impeached.

So it is great she has survived, and has the guts to want to go run. But she hasn’t proven herself to be a safe pair of hands, nor an honest pair. She hasn’t show brilliant judgement in many ways. But this isn’t a feminist issue. This is a who is best for America issue. And in a country of almost 350 million, the few options available are a sad indictment of the country — is this the best? Of course not. But politics requires a certain type of narcassistic personality that needs the daily hit of the public polls, and the rough and tumble.

Don’t denigrate women by saying this is about feminism. Because of all the women out there who have done SO MUCH for feminism, Hillary has done SO MUCH (especially behind the scenes) to undo it, as long as it benefits her family, and their goals.

Millenials are getting the warts and all version, which is the absolute right version to be voting on. Which is right, as we are all flawed. But there is a higher expectation of the compass and overall judgement the leader of the country should have. And people need to decide if she meets that. And in this field of worse upon worse, she might. In other years, she might not.

Vote. That is the most important thing, woman or man. Why is American voter turnout so low? Look at the options. Who wants to have any part of that. No one is giving anyone a reason to believe. Elections in America are now a war of attrition, not a debate of ideas and promise.

Sarah Silverman gives an excellent reason why Hillary may just not be the right person. Sometimes too much water has gone under the bridge.

Like Sarah says, I really don’t care either way, but American’s, get off your sofa and VOTE. Otherwise, you get the government you get, and you don’t get to complain, whinge, or nag.

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