Poverty has taught me to be resourceful — but it might be time for a new lesson

Photo: Adrienne Bresnahan/Getty Images

I am about to make a huge financial mistake. Probably the biggest one of my entire life. Just like other chronically poor people, I have always made huge financial mistakes. I have overdrawn my bank accounts, not had bank accounts (Western Union isn’t a bank?); I’ve never had a credit…

This Is Us

Using the hunger I experienced as a kid to teach mine the power of generosity

Illustration: Sarah Mazzetti

I was five years old when my mom took off with me to the coast. She said she needed a do-over. We were starting fresh, with no belongings, no toys, no furniture. She said we had empty hands so that we could catch new blessings.

We also had empty pockets…

Kristine Levine

Kristine Levine is a comedian, actor, writer, radio personality currently living in Bisbee, Arizona. She lives with her son and her dog, Honey Switchblade.

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