Hi Kristin, Curious to know what set up you have Working how to budget the funds for an OMD package…
Jeffrey Cochran

Hi Jeffrey.

First I had 12–40mmPRO. Nice! Next year I got the 7–14mmPRO for x-mas.
I was given my equipment for some sequent birthday- and Christmas- presents…

I went for the PRO lenses and the EM5MkII because they are weather sealed. My second last camera (a Nikon D90) “died” in humid conditions, and the glass I had for it was later used on a new DSLR. Glass also stopped working very soon. Corrosion…

In afterthought I might not have needed the heaviest zoom in the PRO version, and could have selected a lighter and cheaper zoom. I never use it in bad weather… visibility is so low anyway! It is a very good portrait-lens, and also gives macro-like shoots because I can go very close to the subject. So.. I find the 40–150mmPRO mostly are out in good weather.

I am very happy with this gear!

Regards Kristin

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