For artists, handmade crafters and digital creators, Etsy can be a great platform to sell your wares. But, Etsy is its own animal with its own set of search engine rules and algorithms. If you keep close attention to what Etsy is saying and emphasizing, your shop will be successful. Here are 7 Etsy shop marketing strategies that work.

Etsy shop marketing strategy #1 — Complete all shop details

It may not seem like the about section or return policy is all that important, but here’s an Etsy algorithm fact: The Etsy search engine favors shops with completed information. So, yeah, completing your return policy, shop announcements and about section…

Photo by Fuu J on Unsplash

Do you ever get the feeling that you’ve just woken up from a long sleep, and you’re completely confused as to where you are and what you’re doing? Only, you were never asleep?

That was me five years ago. Here I was, a 42-year-old badass married mom of three, going about my business, and then BAM. My life blew up.

In the span of about four months, I was separated from my husband, facing foreclosure on a house that wasn’t in my name, getting laid off from my job and closing my business down. Oh, and my car, worth a…

A ton has been written about business branding and brand strategy. It seems like everywhere you look, someone is offering to create a brand for your business. What is branding? And, how do you create a solid brand strategy? I’m going to ruffle some feathers here, but you need to hear this: no one can brand your business but you.

First, let’s look at what branding is and how marketing relates to branding.


Let’s look at a car. Any model and make; your choice. The engine is your marketing. It’s what makes the car move. All of the other parts…

If your coaching business provides a very unique service with very little competition, congratulations! But what if you are just one voice in a full choir? Everyone is singing the same song, at the same level, and to the same audience. How do you stand out from that choir? Here are seven tips to grow your coaching business by using effective marketing.


In order to grow your coaching business, you need to understand that, chances are, you really aren’t that different than your competitors. Your bullet points describing why your coaching business is unique is most likely the same bullet…

Kristine Roberson

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