D24 — Rest

A busy week of work, training, and social gatherings came to an end on Saturday and it was time for me to relax. Arriving home with a smile on my face and a more or less fatiqued body I jumped into the shower and got ready for meeting up with a friend, but only thinking about hitting the pillow for a solid sleep, silently moving me into Sunday.

I don’t know exactly why, but I’ve had some troubles sleeping lately, finding it difficult to rest properly and relax, why I really hoped to be knackered and able to sleep more than 5–6 hours when I finally got to bed. Luckily it happened! I sleept for 8 hours and felt so good when I woke up. Almost like my body and mind had been in a recharger for too long as I was bursted with energy. Though, I knew I really needed to use this day as a proper rest day, and as I couldn’t go on my planned run, I decided for a day at home, just for me, myself and I.

As I very quickly get borred doing nothing (resting/relaxing) I was frustrated about what to do already a few hours into the day. I recalled a friend of mine talking about some triathlon podcasts that should be good to get more into how to prepare for raceday. I thought about listening to this, but didn’t really knew what to expect from a podcast and if I’d be attracted to it or not. I forgot about the podcasts again and started reading different articles on how to nutrite most efficiently through training and during long distance races.

When my brain couldn’t really cope with more complex nutrtition information, I reached out for some inspirational podcasts to listen to among friends, and based on their recommandationsI tried listening to some different ones to calm my mind and more indirectly learning more about why we do, what we do, how we prepare and cope, and what to expect. This was interesting stuff, and before I knew, it was time for dinner..

Laying in my bed, half sleeping I couldn’t stop smiling to myself. When I woke up this morning I never though I’d be listening to podcast as I, to be honest, didn’t really understand the purpose and why people liked doing this so much. I now understand, or understand more than before. Thank you for encouraging me to do so and recommending ones both good for training and my mind!

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