D27 – What’s your expectations?

This question has been asked to me several time this week, as I’m participating my very first triathlon on Saturday. Signing up for this multi sport race, I had absolutely no idea what it was like to do triathlon at all and therefore chose the sprint distance, consisting of a 750m open water swim, 20km bike, and 5km run, as a soft beginning. Or at least a new beginning.

To be honest I have goals more vital to me right now, but as the distances seemed reasonable and my next race yet six weeks away I thought it could be fun doing something a little different for a change. Thus, I’ve restructured my training a bit to fit in more time in the pool/open water and on the bike. This has been good fun and I’ve learned a lot about how to swim efficiently when training for and racing in a triathlon, as well as using the gears on my bike properly. I’m still learning though, and I expect Saturday to be kind of a preliminary test or first introduction to how it really is do triathlon, racing the three distances, in each of their discipline and among many others. I do tend to get competitive, having adrenalin pumping around my body even before start, but I’ll try just to go with the flow, learn along the way, and simply enjoy it.

Nervous? No. Excited? Big time! I fell okay confident doing the three distances and have done longer distances with friends when practicing triathlon in general. Luckily a friend of mine will be doing the same distance and be in the same wave as me, so we at least can start out together. She’s done the distance before, and after our swim session last night, she gave me some of her best advices and I had the chance to ask her some questions I had. Thus we haven’t really trained for the triathlon together, I believe we’ll get along quite easily through the race as well as help and look out for one another. It’ll be a fun experience for sure and I hope this will only boost my interest for doing more, going for the longer distances when my primary goals I have at the moment have been achieved.

So, what are my expectations? To finish strong with a smile on my face and an amazing experience to take home.

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