D28 – Breathing

This is going to sound so dramatic, but OMFG did I really make I through to Friday? Did it really happen? Am I alive, breathing? Oh yes, I did and I’m very much alive. Luckily. I even made it in one piece, though it’s still a bit hard to believe as I haven’t really been asleep since before I woke up Thursday morning 6am. Yes, I know, this is not optimal conditions when having a triathlon tomorrow afternoon, but this was after all how I decided to prioritise this weeks doings. The client is happy, the exam handed in, and the rest will fall into pieces just, I’m sure. I’ll keep myself awake til about 8pm and then rest with a podcast for an hour or so in bed before dwelling myself into sleep. As my wave is first starting 3:50pm, I have plenty of time to get a good night's sleep and rest properly before it’s time to get the body up and running again.

Keeping myself awake, I met up with a friend to talk about tomorrow’s race, get some last advices, and just enjoy the late summer sun. London Fields and Broadway Market are definitely the places to be when the sun is out. Hanging, drinking, eating or whatever, there’s always a lovely vibe welcoming you like a dear frien you haven’t seen for ages. After our catch up I walked to Shoreditch to pick up a helmet, just to make sure I’ll have a proper one I can use at tomorrow’s race and on a regular basis, when cycling around London. And after seeing three crashes just this week, I’ll feel much more secure on the road when wearing this. I have no idea why I haven’t got myself a helmet before today, it’s quite stupid that i didn’t to be honest.. At least I have one now, one that actually feels alright wearing and doesn’t look too Tour de France for a newbee as myself.

Though I’m beginning to get a bit tired, I’ve felt so alive today, and really enjoyed having an afternoon for myself, silently walking around, observing people and the surroundings from today’s perspective. Exactly what I needed after the last few, very hectic days.

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