D34 – London calling

My weekend DK bound came to an end with a lovely dinner at my moms before I was heading back home, to London. It’s been good to be back for some days, seeing friends and family again, just breathing some cleaner DK air. I enjoy visiting every now and then, but this weekend has been a bit less relaxing than I hoped. This because I’ve hardly been at one place for more than 15 hours before it was time to continue, making me feel like I was some kind of ‘stuck in transit mode’.

Nevertheless, I found time to run with an old of mine, training for hos first half marathon. We ran around a sportive area I’ve actually never been to before, and it was refreshing seeing something completely different as well as running along the seaside.

For me this was a recovery run, for him a tempo one, practising his race pace. I felt good, strong, and ran smoothly through the 16km as planned. It was great fun too, to help him keep the pace and continue when he felt tired and wanted to stop. It’s been s while since I was the one helping someone else to push through to finish, so this was great to re-experience.

Falling a sleep with a smile on my face, tired and exhausted I slowly and silently prepared myself to go back, home to London, to kick start yet another week of work, training, and a lot of fun.