D40 — Swains Lane

When people say “No pain, No gain” I’d normally believe they referred to some kind of tough, thus not a killing workout or run. Then I did hill reps on Swains Lane..

First time I was there was in February, in the middel of a long run, preparing for Copenhagen Marathon in May. Why hill reps on Swains Lane, which is very steep just to be modest, was a part of this long run is still a mistery to me and I recall hating every single bit of it. My legs were already tired from running more or les up hill from Shoreditch to get there and when I saw the incline I could literally have cried. But i did it. I ran the 4 laps, mostly enjoying the ease of the down hill part to be able to climb the up hill one.

Yesterday I went back. Voluntarily. Dragging a friend training for a marathon with me to meet up with two of our common friends for some Swains Lane madness. We arrived a bit earlier than the others, at the bottom, so we decided for running a trial one. I was a bit nervous to be honest. I hated that hill last time I was there and swor to God never to do something as insane as that again, and here I was. True, it took me half a year to man up, face my fear and just run it as the hill it is. And you know what? It went surprisingly well and even felt easier then I remembered.

Not to be fooled by the easiness of the first lap, all four of us set of in a steady pace able to maintain for the amount of laps we individually had in mind. For the first three of these I felt okay, struggling a bit at the very last bit of the steepest incline at the top, but not dying. The fourth one was tough and my legs began to feel fatigued. The fifth was the best. I climbed it strong and even had power to push a bit harder where the incline steepens. This was very surprising as the fourth was really tough, making me fear for the last one to be completed, doubting it to happen.

Here I found myself, at the top of Swains Lane with a smile on my face. Yes, you read correctly, a smile on my face..

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