D41 – When I forget..

If I stop doing something for a while I tend to forget what the exact reason to stop was and how I felt before, during, and after doing it. I think this is quite normal and that we continually stop doing some things to do or keep up with others, but why I have no clue.

When I lived in Copenhagen I used to go to the gym three times a week to work on my core, back, bum, legs, or arms, with one of them also including a brutal session on the treadmill doing hill training or intervals […] I miss this a lot! Yes, it might sound absolutely crazy to you that someone is able to actually miss running on a treadmill, but I couldn’t possible be more honest than this. If I have a tough run with bloks of high pace planned or want to do a specific tempo session on my own, the treadmill really is a good help to maintain pace. This isn’t because I can’t practise outdoors, I just find it hard not to drop in pace and slightly go slower and slower at each pass. Bad excuse? Some might say, but working out honestly, determined, and hard on the treadmill pays of. At least for me.

At the moment my only “problem” is that i haven’t really got access to a treadmill, though it wouldn’t take me more than just to sign up for a gym here in London. Thus I can’t blame no other than myself for not being able to do these kinds of workouts in my new setting. And it’s not because there aren’t any gyms around, they’re like everywhere and all open at convenient hours for me to go. Some even have pools as well. I guess I just haven’t settled with one I’d like to join yet (I know, 8 months of thinking about this is a lot), and to be fair, the ones most alike the one I joined in Copenhagen are like 4–5 times the price a month.

Lucky as I am, a dear friend of mine took me to her gym for me to test my race pace for Copenhagen Half marathon. She had a 28km planned for herself, so she ran 8km from home to the gym to meet me and do the last 2okm on the treadmill. Can you believe this? I definitely owe her big time for doing this – Thank you a million times ❤️

Being on the treadmill was good and made me feel more confident in the goal I’ve set for myself. It will take determination and clever training for another two weeks before it’s time taper for the race, but I’m ready for whatever it takes.

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