D46 – Good vibes only

Sunday turned into a rest day as my Saturday evening lasted a bit longer than expected. Not that it mattered though. We were celebrating a friend’s 30 year birthday with neon light ping pong matches at Bounce and dancing our way into the early hours of Sunday under sweaty conditions in the basement of Ace Hotel. Everyone smiling, laughing, dancing, bringing forth only good vibes, I hope birthday girl had a blast!

About them good vibes, mostly around with the lovely new friends I’ve made, someone sometimes drag negative ones along. Unfortunately this is probably impossible to prevent, but could we please keep the issues we have with other people private, not bragging it to everyone? And by private I mean the people involved with the issue and / or your closest friend to discuss the most appropriate behaviour with. None of us are made to be liked, loved, or adored by everyone and we should maybe try to just accept.

Enough about that.. With a new week ahead, tuesday becomming “monday”, and for many of us races coming closer, let’s bring and spread some dope ass good vibes, shall we?

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