D47 – What a weekend

Waking up on a Monday, just to realise it was still Sunday in some odd way, brought a cheeky little smile to my face. I was awake, out of bed, and ready to make the best of the day by 8am, even found myself having breakfast outside shortly after. At this point the cheeky little smile had turned into a big one, and with lots of fun planned for the day, the rising sun and clear blue sky definitely contributed to it’s lasting.

Filled with energy and great memories from a weekend of damn good vibes and lots of girl dem shenanigans, I got my laundry sorted and went for a short and sharp recovery run to relive it all over again in my mind. It felt so good, I felt so good, and loved myself for squeezing it in before I had to meet up with a friend, to repeat last weeks sprint session in the pool. Swimming open air on a beautiful day like this monday simply made every difficult part of the swim a bit more doable. As soon as done, off we were to find some food and less than an hour later we were eating lunch at a lovely rooftop terrace under the sun.

On my way home I decided to go back to London Fields to lay on the grass, enjoy the sun and just observe people passing by. I couldn’t think of a more relaxed way to end a bank holiday weekend.

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