D48 – When time flies by

Tuesday was mostly about getting back to reality after a splendid weekend spend with friends. As soon as rised, the sun shined to the very end of a day that literally flew by. If this is a sign of me reentering the hamsterwheel or just enjoying myself while working, I hope for the latter but not sure I’m aware of which just yet. Anyway, tuesday was a kind of on rutine day: I woke up early, had breakfast, went to work, worked, and went home from work. This to find myself at home changing for running close and thinking about how bloody fast the last 12 hours flew by.

Running shoes on and off to meet up with some friends for a solid tempo run.. 4 of us made it and quickly found a pace comfortable enough to maintain for the warm up but challenging conversation. Fresh, fly, and warmed up as we were, we did 3 of the smallest loop at Vicktoria Park, each of 1km in 4:55min/km and 600m in 3:45min/km with breaks of 60, 50, and 40 seconds in between. Jog off in pokemon pace ending with a total average of 4:42min/km.

Though it was humid I’m sure we all had a great work out and enjoyed the very beautiful late summer evening yesterday night was.

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