D55 — Nerves

It’s getting real now. Copenhagen Half Marathon is close. 5 days and I’m on the start line among thousands of fellow superstar runners, ready to take our tour around the streets of this lovely city. Oh my, I really am looking forward to this, but I can definitely feel the nervousness knock on my door. I’m not sure how to cope with this, keep in control over them, or react at all. Hopefully it’ll happen naturally if I not worry too much and just let the days pass by while I rest my body and find peace in my mind to own this race. And, to help me with this I’m lucky enough to be surrounded by good people only, always supporting whatever crazy ambition I put forth. Thank you!

Racing in your old home town is always special. Racing the same race year after year, continually improving the pace as well. I know the route, have a good idea of where to push and where to save energy, but I can’t control how my body will feel at the day of the race – But I can do whatever’s in my power to make it feel good, strong, and ready for some truely speedy shenanigans. How? By taking it easy this week, not focusing on mileage or speed but food and sleep. Or at least try.

As running and training in general makes me feel alive and happy, you might be aware by now that this is not an easy task, but one truely to be respected for it’s purpose..

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