Kristin Farmer

Kristin Farmer has been working as a divorce counselor in San Diego, California since 1996, when she founded her divorce counseling practice. She was born and raised in San Diego and is now honored to help so many people put their lives back together after a divorce. Farmer is particularly adept at helping children deal with the complex and confusing feelings and emotional states that always comes with any kind of divorce proceeding. Farmer’s job isn’t to convince couples that they need to stay together for any reason. She only works to help those who have chosen to end their relationship for one reason or another get over the emotional strain and confusion that often comes along with a divorce.

Kristin Farmer earned a Bachelor’s degree in counseling from the University of California and later a Master’s degree in family counseling from the University of Kansas before she worked with a local divorce counseling firm in San Diego for two years. This is a requirement of the American Association for the Marriage and Family Therapy to issue a license to practice divorce counseling. Farmer earned her two years of experience, then passed the exams set forth by the AAMFT. Farmer earned her license, then founded a private divorce counseling practice in San Diego, California, where she has lived her entire life, except when she went away to school.

Kristin Farmer has since helped many families, individuals, and children deal with the emotional fallout of divorce in San Diego. She founded her practice in 1996 and has been working to help families ever since.

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