Kristin Farmer — What Does a Divorce Counselor do?

​Kristin Farmer is an experienced and skilled divorce counselor working in her hometown of San Diego, California. She has helped many families deal with the emotional toll that divorce usually exacts on all involved, especially if children are involved. Farmer has worked with many families facing divorce since she founded her practice in 1996 in San Diego, California and has helped people throughout the San Diego area get the support they need to move on after and during a divorce.

Divorce counselors differ from family counselors and marriage counselors in that they help couples who have already decided to get divorced, not those who want to find a way to communicate better and find a new path forward in life. Kristin Farmer helps individuals, family units, and children all find their own way forward after a divorce so that they can continue their lives in peace. Individuals who are considering a divorce but are not necessarily committed to it also visit divorce counselors, as well as those who are still dealing with the feelings associated with separation or divorce. Some attend divorce counseling because they want to understand the effect of their divorce on their children or the rest of their family members’ feelings.

Kristin Farmer is particularly good at working with children of parents who are divorcing. She has years of experience working with children, coming from her years on the Board of Directors for San Diego for Kids, a local nonprofit organization that provides families with free excellent childcare and tutoring services.