“Don’t be so hard on yourself,” they all say, yet you continue to hate yourself throughout the day. You pick out every flaw and pick at every scar; you left your heart on a road, patient for a car. You’ve mastered the art of the false smile – now you can fake it for longer than a while. When you meet a stranger on the street, and glance into their eyes, your heart – or, what’s left of it – is taken by surprise. They look so stunning as they wait for the morning bus, and suddenly your brain tumbles into a fuss. You pick out every perfection and pick at every beauty, totally engulfed by this human being you see. So why? Why can you love them but not yourself? Why are they the trophy, and you the dusty shelf? Because, my dear, you know of your past, and you wish you could forget it all so fast. You’re burdened with a plethora of mistakes and errors, your internal organs filled with cracks and tears. You have witnessed every dark crevice inside your soul, hardly even remembering the time you were whole. You’ve experienced all the ugliness that showed up in your life, leaving you to wallow in a pool of pity and strife. But dear, you must also remember that the dark is not all; you’re still standing firm and you shall not fall, for you have also experienced such glorious things and hold memories far more precious than twenty carat rings. The dark is not all, you have light within you, and always remember that strangers feel darkness, too.