Could cortisol be as dangerous as nicotine?

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Forget smoking, forget sugar, even sitting. Stress is the new “S” to avoid. I don’t need medical studies or spreadsheets of data to tell me what I’ve experienced firsthand. Stress is the secret invader waging war on both your mind and yes, your physical body too.

The short version of my stress story goes like this. Girl works demanding job and being an overachiever brings the pressure home with her. 24/7 connection through email, phone, text and social media equals constant go-go-go expectations from self and others.

Each year, they add more and more responsibilities to girl’s plate, but time…

You gotta know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em.

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Have you ever played the card game solitaire? I know it’s old school, but for a while I was obsessed with playing it on my iPhone. In the car, during conference calls, while waiting in line at the store, I could not put it down! My competitive nature comes out in full force and I’m like an addict craving their next high. For me, that high comes when I accomplish my mission to beat my lowest-timed game or my smallest number of moves in a game. Anything to beat my previous highest score. …

The Truth About Working with a Life, Health or Wellness Coach

All the ins and outs you need to know before you spend your hard-earned money on life coaching.

I’m not a coach and I don’t play one on TV, but as someone who has worked with a life coach (or 10), I’d like to offer you some guidance before you take the leap. Every experience is different based on the individual, but there are some common themes that hold true for most.

I don’t remember how I was initially exposed to the concept of working with a coach, but my first one was actually a wellness coach who specialized in…

A list of my top 8 iPhone apps to be creative, entertained, informed and productive throughout your day. The best part — most of them are free!

Looking for a new app to spice up your iPhone? A dependable app that won’t crash every time you open it? An alternative to some of the highly recommended apps that you don’t care for? I’m a daily user in all aspects of life, and below are a few of my top choices.

1) Design App — Desygner

I’m still a newbie but wanted to share what I’ve noticed. Also, a humble brag to the guy who told me I’d never be a successful writer.

Last night I woke up around 3am with no apparent cause. This isn’t completely out of character for me, but it comes and goes as I work on my sleep hygiene. On this particular night the phone on my nightstand was calling out to me like a siren I couldn’t resist. Knowing the blue light was bad for falling back asleep and the that contents of the phone would keep me awake, I admitted defeat and picked it up and turned it on.

Email seemed like a safe place to go; it wasn’t. There, in my inbox, was an email…

While the CBD market continues to boom in the US, there is still a lot of confusion around the product.

You may have seen CBD in more forms than one could imagine lately. Due to its huge burst in popularity, marketers are racing to get products on the shelf, hoping consumers will strike while the iron is hot. I’ve used bath bombs, tea, lotions, salve, gummies and supplements, and I’ve heard of everything from infused water to hand sanitizer. In spite of this, CBD or cannabidiol remains a mystery. Here are a few misunderstandings I’d like to clear up.

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It is a cannabinoid.

  • A cannabinoid is a component of the cannabis Sativa plant. …

Some people experience the shadow side of mindfulness.

Living in the moment…what a beautiful notion. It evokes images of freedom, of lightness, of savoring life the way you might an artisan chocolate freshly made. To me the concept is as foreign as if you asked me to live on Mars. I am breathing proof that living in the past brings only depression and living for the future firmly settles the weight of the world onto our already hunched shoulders. …

Kristin Hodnett | Holistic Burnout Coach

I help overwhelmed women reclaim their shine and make an impact — NO hustle, ALL ease!

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