“Comey Cost Hillary The Election” — Another Groundless Liberal Myth
Michael Tracey

I would love for someone, anyone, to investigate those last few weeks before the election in terms of factors that were NOT Comey. Because as someone who was undecided until the last minute (voted 3rd party) that had nothing to do with my vote, it was the noxious celebrity worship and that ALL the media revealed to be in active collusion with Hillary. Far far far more disturbing to me. I barely noticed the Comey thing. It was like “eh more Hillary BS”.

But hearing that the media was actually doing Hillary’s bidding, especially after I felt they completely handed the Republican primary to Trump by giving him so much more coverage than the other candidates, it was absolutely sickening. Russia, Comey, blah blah blah, but the media DID try to steal the election by first setting up Trump who they felt was unelectable, to win the Repub. nomination, then skewing the coverage by ignoring Hillary’s many flaws, only to find out they were actively working with and for her, was unforgivable. That IS fascism, plain and simple.

I hated her to start with and could not bring myself to vote for her. Not because of Comey, not one iota.