Introducing Healthcare Fun Facts

Breaking Down Complex Issues into Friendly Little Pieces

A few weeks back in the fever of ACA repeal news I couldn’t help but notice how confused some people are about the issues at hand, and how little people understand the complexity of our system and the forces that conspire against us to actually become a healthy population. But I wasn’t surprised by it to be honest.

Healthcare is like a rat king — it’s hard to really figure out what the heck is going on in there, and it doesn’t exactly welcome you to try.

I myself have a good deal of professional exposure to healthcare issues and innovation— though I’m far from what I’d call an expert. And with my own chronic illness I have a personal vested interest in this topic. Yet I still find something every day that is news to me or adds to my perspective. And then also I realize how much there’s left to know. So if you’re not living and breathing this topic, day in and day out, one that is inherently difficult to understand in the first place, it’s a challenge. It’s not your fault. But it’s never been more important to try to understand it better.

I thought maybe I could make a small contribution and just put out a little something on my Facebook page every day to expose people in my life to things that I have been privy to. I wanted to at least try it. It really started that simply, an attempt to take one single angle of the issue, tell a story, and try to make it friendly or even funny. And it quickly turned into something people responded positively to, the posts got longer, and then it was suggested I move to a platform where it could be shared more widely.

So with that, if you’re interested in appreciating more about healthcare, we’re in this together.

These posts will include things I know from years of working within marketing and communications across various aspects of healthcare. Things I know from my own experience, things I study, things friends and colleagues in the industry share. The goal is to express how broadly and deeply I believe we need to be thinking about the problem before us. With some levity where I can find it.

It’s not meant to put one political party’s approach over another’s. It’s not meant to advocate for one model of doing things over another. It’s meant to start a discussion that healthcare is more than insurance and big pharma. That there are serious ramifications to undoing the ACA, and the good it has done is so invisible to most. That to repeal it without something thoroughly vetted and grounded in solving challenges is going to cost us. That our representatives are oversimplifying a critical issue and it is a great disservice to all of us. That healthcare has serious class and race dimensions that can no longer be ignored. That even access to outstanding care doesn’t guarantee quality. And if there is one truth within healthcare, it’s that for every action there is an (un)equal and opposite reaction that is hard to separate from the other thing. Rat king.

But, I honestly believe we have way more in common as Americans on this issue than we don’t.

The number of conservative friends that have responded positively to this well-meaning liberal’s posts has been really encouraging. There are fragments of this problem that really don’t need to be politicized like they are. We can make that happen.

Lastly, each post in this series is thoroughly researched and well-considered to the best of my ability. Like, I’m spending a ton of my free time on this. More than I sometimes want to admit to. But that’s not to say it’s bulletproof. I welcome challenges and discussion. I might not respond right away because I have a job and stuff, but I’m not ignoring anybody out of a belief that I know everything and you know nothing.

What I won’t respond to is anything that is a personal attack because you don’t agree with me. I got no time for that, you won’t get a reaction from me, so best move along.

So everyone, let’s get started. And keep an eye out!

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