On Becoming Anti-Bernie
Robin Alperstein

Thank you for this thorough and personal account of the care and thought you’ve taken to arrive at this conclusion. I share many of these concerns and criticisms of this particular politician and his campaign. Your research here is the best vetting I’ve seen this primary season.

As more and more of my friends and family members — whom I respect greatly — put their support behind Sanders I began to seriously doubt my own allegiance to Clinton. As I saw enthusiasm build I began to do my research thinking like in 2008 I might need to get on board with another nominee and I wanted a head start. I had expected to end my research being perfectly happy with either option, if not switching my support to Sanders.

That’s not what has happened, and as time goes on I find myself offended by many of his tactics, and appalled at the lack of concern he shows when confronted with criticism — though he’s very quick to show agitation.

As a born and bred southerner I can’t ignore his dismissal of the hard work and passion of our fellow democrats in the “deep south.” They continue to hope and challenge in the face of overwhelming opposition and oppression. I find being a liberal in the northeast a cake walk in comparison. It’s condescending at best; it’s outright racist at worst.

I can’t ignore dismissing a discussion about any Rebuplican’s stance on abortion, but especially Trump’s, as a “distraction” from real issues. Nor can I ignore that throughout his career his own constituents have reported feeling like distractions when they posed concerns beyond income inequality.

I can’t ignore his checkered past on gun control, his refusal to speak about marketing regulations for this industry, or turn a blind eye to the mothers and fathers of gun violence who speak with truth and anger about their experience with him, or in some cases their lack of experience.

I can’t ignore his glaring lack of educational plans for K-12, which would prepare the students who need it most to take advantage of increased college access.

And I can’t ignore that after the NYDN transcript and criticism that he showed up to a debate just miles from my home and couldn’t present better answers to any of these concerns. Either he doesn’t have the answers, or doesn’t think people who aren’t already on his side deserve the benefit of understanding his plans or to feel a measure of confidence about him.

He isn’t earning my vote by a long shot, and with some of his recent campaign stunts I’ve lost any respect I was hoping to reserve for him. It’s a real shame, because on the face of things he stands on the right side of many issues I care about and long for. I’ll vote for him should he win the nomination, but I won’t have faith in him as a leader until I see some real substance come through.

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