Our basic functioning is a miracle

I don’t think we realize,

as we hurry about from day to day,

how intense it can often feel,

how simultaneously both blessed and cursed we may be,

how rip-roaring wild! it is,

to be alive as a human being on this planet,

right now,

in this moment in history.

I personally hate it when people imply we should be “zen” about it,

as we grapple with the realities of late-stage capitalism,

nuclear weapons at the fingertips of madmen,

chaotic weather and climate cascading down through ecosystems,

all while we now have the capacity to speak with those whose lives resemble nothing of ours at a moment’s notice,

while more and more of us fight for the dignity of every human being,

while we uncover the wisdom of our own bodies and it’s capacity for healing,

while we slowly, quietly, blink awake from a millennia long slumber to our undeniable interconnectedness with it all.

It’s a miracle so many of us are even remotely sane — though certainly not all of us!

Well, have a nice day!