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Advice from design leaders to junior designers.

Originally presented at UX Gatherings on 28.09.16 in Melbourne, Australia.
Writings, podcasts, and thought leaders I mention in this talk (in order of reference): The UX Intern with Wesley Noble, Mike Monteiro, Design Details, The Year of the Looking Glass by Julie Zhuo, and Aarron Walter.

Back in May, I published Insatiably Curious Crazian on a UX Quest to start a conversation about a catch-22 in our industry — despite high demand for UX Design, newbie designers struggle because:

A) they can’t get a job without experience, yet

B) they can’t get experience without a job.

We’ve all endured this turmoil at some point in our lives, and I’m sure most agree that job hunting can be stressful and some what disheartening. Until that one day when you finally catch a break… and I’d like to help you catch that break sooner rather than later.

By interviewing 34 design leaders who were generous enough to give me their time, I gathered insightful golden nuggets for all designers.

After five months of amazing research and synthesis, I presented my findings to the Melbourne UX community.

Massive crowd. Thanks to all my friends, mentors, and the leaders who came out to support me that night! :)

What did these leaders share with you—you ask? If you missed the event and/or don’t feel like watching the video, this can catch you up:

Thanks again Dani Natidavid for sketching up a fantastic summary!

Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

One of my favorite quotes from this project was from Georgie Bottomley:

Remember, just like the products and services you aspire make better for users… you should continually iterate on yourself as a UX practitioner. Reflect on personal goals and opportunities, then educate yourself as much as possible the way you do it best. Times infinity. So…

Learn by watching & listening?

That YouTube recording is for you.

Learn by reading?

View my deck on Slideshare:

Learn by doing?

And living in Melb? Fantastic! We’re creating a new Meetup group where new human-centred designers can co-design, learn from one another, and have fun. If interested in joining, fill out our survey here:


What’s Next?

Stay tuned for new posts that with more golden nuggets. There was so much advice I wanted to share that just couldn’t fit into a 60-minute event. In the mean time, feel free to holler at me. :)

Over & Outie,

The UX Crazian

Thanks again to everyone who’s helped me! It was exciting to see how supportive (and interested) my family, friends, mentors—and really the UX community—were through this journey.

Kristin Mark is an Experience Designer living in Melbourne (originally from the States) with a bright wardrobe & contagious laugh to boot.

Web: www.helloimkristin.com | Twitter: @kristinmark | LinkedIn: K.Mark

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