State & Local Government Contracts with CoreCivic and GEO

Kristin Mink

CoreCivic and GEO run most of the federal government’s detention camps for migrants. They’re also the two largest private prison companies in the U.S. However, contracts with the federal government only make up about half of their revenue. Most of their other contracts are with state and local governments, for county jails and the like.

Denver, Colorado just made national news when their city council, led by Councilmember Candi CdeBaca, decided to end their contracts with CoreCivic and GEO.

I used CoreCivic and GEO’s 10-K reports to the SEC to compile a list of all the other CoreCivic and GEO facilities contracted with state and local entities, so you can pressure your governor and state legislature, and/or your city or county councilmembers to end contracts with the companies profiting substantially off the pain of immigrants.

Pressure your state and local electeds to end contracts with CoreCivic and GEO, the private prison companies making millions off kids in cages.

What follows is NOT a list of ICE facilities. Those exist in every state, and a map can be found at Freedom For Immigrants. This is also not a list of all state and local private prisons — just those run by CoreCivic and GEO.

Sources: CoreCivic, GEO


State of AL

Contracts with GEO

  • Alabama Therapeutic Education Facility (AL)


State of AK

Contracts with GEO

  • Cordova Center Anchorage, AK
  • Midtown Center Anchorage, AK
  • Northstar Center Fairbanks, AK
  • Seaside Center Nome, AK
  • Tundra Center Bethel, AK


State of AZ

Contracts with GEO

  • Arizona State-Prison (Florence West Florence, AZ)
  • Arizona State Prison (Kingman, AZ)
  • Arizona State-Prison (Phoenix West Phoenix, AZ)
  • Central Arizona Correctional Facility (Florence, AZ)


State of CA

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • CAI Boston Avenue (San Diego, CA)
  • California City Correctional Center (California City, CA)

Contracts with GEO

  • Central Valley MCCF (McFarland, CA)
  • Desert View MCCF (Adelanto, CA)
  • Golden State MCCF (McFarland, CA)
  • McFarland Community Correctional Facility (McFarland, CA)
  • Long Beach Community Reentry Center (Long Beach, CA)
  • Taylor Street Center San Francisco, CA

City of Alhambra, CA

Contract with GEO

  • Alhambra City Jail, Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles County, CA

Contracts with GEO

  • Baldwin Park City Jail (Baldwin Park, CA)
  • Downey City Jail (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Fontana City Jail (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Garden Grove City Jail (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Montebello City Jail (Los Angeles, CA)
  • Ontario City Jail (Los Angeles, CA)


State of CO

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Bent County Correctional Facility (Las Animas, CO)
  • Crowley County Correctional Facility (Olney Springs, CO)

Contracts with GEO

  • Arapahoe County Residential Center, CO
  • Cheyenne Mountain Reentry Center (Colorado Springs, CO)
  • Community Alternatives of El Paso County, CO
  • Correctional Alternative Placement Services, CO
  • Southern Peaks Regional Treatment Center Canon City, CO (youth residential facility, located in CO but customer not named)

Boulder County, CO

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Boulder Community Treatment Center (Boulder, CA)
  • Longmont Community Treatment Center (Boulder, CA)

Arapahoe County, CO

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Arapahoe Community Treatment Center (Englewood, CO)
  • Centennial Community Transition Center (Englewood, CO)

Adams County, CO

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Commerce Transitional Center (Commerce City, CO)
  • Henderson Transitional Center (Henderson, CO)
  • Carver Transitional Center (Oklahoma City, OK)


State of FL

Contracts with GEO

  • Graceville Correctional Facility (Jackson, FL)
  • Moore Haven Correctional Facility (Moore Haven, FL)
  • South Bay Correctional Facility (South Bay, FL)


State of GA

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Coffee Correctional Facility (Nichols, GA)
  • Jenkins Correctional Center (Millen, GA)
  • Wheeler Correctional Facility (Alamo, GA)

Contract with GEO

  • Riverbend Correctional Facility (Milledgeville, GA)


State of HI

Contract with CoreCivic

  • Saguaro Correctional Facility (Eloy, AZ) — Note: also sucks that they send prisoners all the way to AZ, away from their family in Hawaii. California just ended their contract with this same facility for that reason.


State of IL

Contracts with GEO

  • Southwood Interventions Chicago, IL (also contracted with city of Chicago)
  • Woodridge Interventions Woodridge, IL

City of Chicago, IL

Contract with GEO

  • Southwood Interventions Chicago, IL (also contracted with state of IL)


State of IN

Contracts with GEO

  • Heritage Trails (Plainfield STOP) (Plainfield, IN)
  • New Castle Correctional Facility (New Castle, IN)


State of KN

  • Currently building a new facility with CoreCivic called the Lansing Correctional Facility


State of KY

Contract with CoreCivic

  • Lee Adjustment Center (Beattyville, KY)


State of MT

Contract with CoreCivic

  • Crossroads Correctional Center (Shelby, MT)


State of NJ

Contracts with GEO

  • Albert “Bo” Robinson Assessment & Treatment Center, NJ
  • Logan Hall, NJ (with Union & Essex Counties)
  • Talbot Hall, NJ
  • The Harbor, NJ
  • Tully House, NJ

Union and Essex Counties, NJ

Contract with GEO

  • Delaney Hall, NJ
  • Logan Hall, NJ (with NJ State Parole Board)


State of NM

Contract with CoreCivic

  • Northwest New Mexico Correctional Center (Grants, NM)

Contracts with GEO

  • Guadalupe County Correctional Facility (Santa Rosa, NM)
  • Lea County Correctional Facility (Hobbs, NM)
  • Northeast New Mexico Detention Facility (Clayton, NM)
  • New Mexico Mens Recovery Academy, NM
  • New Mexico Womens Recovery Academy, NM


State of OH

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Lake Erie Correctional Institution (Conneaut, OH)
  • Northeast Ohio Correctional Center (Youngstown, OH)

Contracts with GEO

  • Abraxas Ohio (Shelby, OH) (customer not named) — youth residential facility
  • Cleveland Counseling Center (Cleveland, OH) (customer not named) — youth non-residential facility

City of Columbiana, OH

Contract with GEO

  • Columbiana County Jail, OH


State of OK

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Cimarron Correctional Facility (Cushing, OK)
  • Davis Correctional Facility (Holdenville, OK)
  • Carver Transitional Center (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Oklahoma City Transitional Center (Oklahoma City, OK)
  • Tulsa Transitional Center (Tulsa, OK)
  • Turley Residential Center (Tulsa, OK)
  • North Fork Correctional Facility (Sayre, OK)

Contract with GEO

  • Lawton Correctional Facility (Lawton, OK)


State of PA

Contracts with GEO

  • Alle Kiski Pavillion (PA)
  • Chester County (PA)
  • Scranton Facility (PA)
  • Abraxas Academy (Morgantown, PA) (customer not named) (youth residential facility)
  • Leadership Development Program (South Mountain, PA) (customer not named) (youth residential facility)
  • Abraxas Youth Center (South Mountain, PA)

Alleghany County, PA

Contract with GEO

  • WorkBridge Pittsburgh, PA

Delaware County, PA

Contract with GEO

  • George W. Hill Correctional Facility (PA)

Dauphin or Cumberland County, PA

Contract with GEO

  • Harrisburg Community-Based Programs (Harrisburg, PA)

Lehigh and Northampton Counties, PA

Contract with GEO

  • Lehigh Valley Community-Based Programs (Lehigh Valley, PA)


State of SC

Contract with GEO

  • Camp Aspen, SC


State of SD

Contract with GEO

  • Community Alternatives of the Black Hills, SD


State of TN

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Trousdale Turner Correctional Center (Hartsville, TN)
  • Whiteville Correctional Facility (Whiteville, TN)


State of TX

Contracts with CoreCivic

  • Austin Transitional Center (Del Valle, TX)
  • Corpus Christi Transitional Center (Corpus Christi, TX)
  • Dallas Transitional Center (Hutchins, TX)
  • El Paso Multi-Use Facility (El Paso, TX)
  • El Paso Transitional Center (El Paso, TX)
  • Fort Worth Transitional Center (Fort Worth, TX)

Contracts with GEO

  • Southeast Texas Transitional Center (Houston, TX)
  • Hector Garza Center (San Antonio, TX)


State of VA

Contract with GEO

  • Lawrenceville Correctional Center (Lawrenceville, VA)

Kristin Mink

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Mom who confronted Scott Pruitt | Teacher | Twitter & IG @kristinminkDC

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