The Age-Old Debate: Shop or Adopt?

Buying a new pet can be daunting for new owners, especially with the hardest decision: adopting from a local shelter, or buying. When adopting, you’re not only saving money, but you’re also saving an animal. Each year, approximately 2.7 million adoptable animals are euthanized. Because the animal is older, this takes away the need to train them, and have a much more relaxed temperament. With purchasing an animal, the animal will become loyal and close to you as it ages.

More and more, we see people choosing to purchase an animal in their youth instead of adopting an older animal. Because of this, puppy mills are popping up more and more to keep up with the demand of puppies. Today, there are an estimated 15,000 puppy mills in the United States.

In the Reno area, there are several places to adopt a dog, including the Nevada Humane Society and the SPCA of Northern Nevada. Places like these are where you go to adopt your dog, paying a minimal amount for dog thats been abandoned, found or given up.

There is one place in the Reno area that you can purchase a dog instead of adopting. Puppies Plus, a pet store, is the only place in Reno that receives their dogs from breeders in order to sell puppies. The rise in demand for puppies results lower standards for the dogs which leads to the use of puppy mills.

One of the selection of Puppies at Puppies Plus
A puppy from Puppies Plus

When asked about their connection to puppy mills Puppies Plus maintains their opinion that puppy mills are wrong and inhumane. When asked, Puppies Plus did not confirm nor deny their connections to puppy mills.

Dogs bought from pet stores can often come with health problems. One customer Michael L. purchased his puppy at Puppies Plus and experienced numerous problems with his puppy. Within 48 hours of purchasing his puppy, he had to take the dog to the vet due to respiratory failure. He later found that his puppy had pneumonia. Another customer, Laura Colon, had a similar problem. Shortly after purchasing her puppy, her dog came down with a case of kennel cough.

Both adopting and purchasing a dog has it’s benefits. Adopting can save a dog otherwise destined for nothing. Purchasing your dog can provide you with a loyal dog, but with often unknown origins. When given the choice will you shop or adopt?

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