Spoiler Alert: none of them are tech skills.

If you want to travel the world full-time while working from your laptop, certain skills will be helpful — nay — indispensable along your journey of location independence. But even if you aren’t traveling right now because of #coronavirus, you can begin preparing for your digital nomad future today.


After nearly five months of domestic lockdown, the U.S. State Department lifted its international Level-4 “Do Not Travel” advisory on August 6.

While the European Union is still mostly off-limits to U.S. travelers, here are 35 countries you can visit for tourism now. …

If you’ve felt exhausted, ineffective, or more negative about your job, you may be burned out.

The Japanese have a word for “death by overwork” — karoshi. There’s no direct English translation, though, because: is there such a thing as working too much in the West? As it turns out, the answer is a resounding “yes,” and it’s more common among remote workers than you think.

As recently as 2019, researchers and realtors warned that Silicon Valley had “nowhere to grow.” With 3.1 million residents, the Bay Area held 1% of the U.S. population on 0.05% of the land area.

Silicon Valley’s mild climate, educational system, and job opportunities have attracted residents since the late 1800’s…

It’s simpler than you think

Search volume for “how to make money online” exploded after the coronavirus pandemic, peaking on Google Trends within days of the March lockdowns.

Can you relate?

There’s no point in suffering through a global crisis if you don’t learn something from it. “No challenge, no change,” as my virtual barre instructor likes to say.

And accumulating knowledge without sharing it is a shame. So, here are fifteen realizations I’ve come to during 129 days quarantine. …

Here’s what that means for remote workers

Within days of each other, the governments of Estonia and Barbados announced plans to offer Digital Nomad Visas. The idea is to attract foreign remote workers by allowing them to stay for up to one year. …

At the intersection of technology, remote work, and travel

Welcome to Digital Nomad Digest, a home for stories at the intersection of technology, remote work, and travel.

My name is Kristin Wilson — I’ve spent nearly 20 years living in foreign countries and have been working remotely while traveling full-time since 2008.

After experiencing the numerous benefits that a…

Here’s what to do about it

Upon graduating from business school in 2005, I had two job offers to choose from. The first one was a market research position at a startup for around $75,000/year. The other was working for minimum wage at a real estate office in Costa Rica. A friend found out I had…

Lessons from going viral

After two years of writing (somewhat consistently) on Medium, I had an article go viral for the first time. Within 72 hours of getting curated in three topics, it took off — careening across the internet and making appearances on the likes of Twitter, Reddit, LinkedIn, and YCombinator. Within a…

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