Home Sweet Home: Friendswood, Texas

Established in 1985 by the Quakers, Friendswood, Texas is a town just south of Houston that is currently on the list of CNN’s top 100 places to live. However, per UrbanDictionary.com, Friendswood, Texas is a “stuck-up rich white town located between Houston and Galveston that consists of white people who think they are the sh*t”(Friendswood). That definition, unfortunately, is how most people in surrounding cities view Friendswood and how I have been stereotyped my whole life. Growing up in Friendswood, I went to an exemplary school district, lived in a nice house, and had loving parents. Overall, Friendswood was an excellent and safe place to be raised. Once I reached high school, however, I began to realize the stereotype that other people placed on my friends and me. Before school football games, when tensions and excitement ran high, we would be looked down on and often called names for living in a higher end area. People saw us as spoiled brats who never worked for anything, but they are wrong. While some may have nice houses and many attend nice colleges later in life, it is not handed to them. Many Friendswood parents work very hard to provide their children with a nice lifestyle, and instill that same work ethic in their children. They show their children the importance of education and having a good job to be able to support themselves on their own one day. Friendswood, Texas is indeed a nice area filled with hard-working people who earn the nice houses and designer clothes that they may or may not own.

This sign signifies where my family, friends, and I all grew up. But, this sign also shows where we get called spoiled brats and are told that we’ll only ever be future trophy wives. But for people who live in this town, it is simply a place to live with a good school district and a low crime rate.
These are the types of houses that many people see when driving through Friendswood. They are very nice and considerably large houses. People assume that just because there are nice houses, that everyone is rich. However, the cost of living in Friendswood is roughly the same amount as the U.S. average amount spent on housing (Friendswood, Texas Cost of Living).
By being a child in Friendswood, one is constantly under the stereotype that they live off of “daddy’s money.” Regardless of how much money is used on the child, every parent in every city must provide for their child up until they can get a job. Criticizing children in Friendswood for being supported by their parents shouldn’t be a negative stereotype, but a thing that every child everywhere goes through until they can make their own money (Life Planning Today).
Another common stereotype of kids in Friendswood is that they all use “daddy’s money” to buy themselves drugs. According to stereotypes, everyone in Friendswood likes to pop pills and do other types of drugs, simply because they can afford them with their parent’s money and they are bored. However, drug incidents occur in many cities, not only in Friendswood.
Many people say that Friendswood is a white town with no diversity. While the city is about 76% Caucasian, we don’t discriminate against people of color, as many people accuse us of doing so without any evidence (Friendswood, Texas). There are many African American, Asian American, and Hispanic American people who live in this town and fit in without judgement due to their skin color. There has not been any extreme hate crime in Friendswood throughout the recent years, according to the Friendswood Police Department and their records (Police — Monthly Reports).
Throughout high school, I and many others had to work extremely hard for the grades that we achieved. Attending the most academically competitive high school in the district made us work harder than people in other districts. I had a 3.95 GPA in high school, yet I wasn’t even in the top 10% of my graduating class. Surrounding schools had people who were 14th in their class with that GPA and the same number of students in their class. Having to work so hard to be recognized by colleges and honor societies instilled a work ethic in many students, as it does at other exemplary school districts.
Throughout high school, I worked a minimum wage job at Abercrombie kids in order to pay for my own car and any other personal things that I wanted. Many students at Friendswood work part time jobs outside of class, just as students in surrounding schools do. They can use the money to help their parents, or to support their own hobbies. Surrounding students disregard the fact that Friendswood students also have jobs, because they stick to the belief that we are spoiled. However, many of my friends and I had well off parents who still made us get jobs so that we would learn and gain experience.
Contrary to what surrounding people may think, money did not buy us a spot in college. Students from Friendswood earned their way to college through hard work, just as every other student does. Many students gain scholarships for their academics and work while in college to help pay for it. This picture is of Notre Dame University. Throughout high school, my brother worked very hard to be able to attend this highly ranked college.
Pictured above is my sister, a graduate from Friendswood High School, who is now a successful dietician who will be able to support her family when the time comes. With the tenacity that one receives from growing up in a town with such high standards, kids who grew up in Friendswood tend to work very hard to be able to live the same lifestyle that our parents do. Many graduates move back to Friendswood later in life to raise their children there, so they may receive the same background that they did.

Overall, the stereotype of Friendswood is harsh. While there is some basis to it, as we are a mainly Caucasian and well-off area, the conceptions made because of that are nowhere near true. Our parents work to support us and to provide us with a nice childhood, and instill a work ethic in us so that we may do the same in the future. Any town that you go to there will be spoiled children, and the number of them does not increase so dramatically when you enter Friendswood. Residents of Friendswood are not all drug doers and party goers, but rather the majority are hardworking individuals who focus on their future and maintain a job and good grades. Every town has those children who are in the wrong crowd, but just as with the number of spoiled kids, it does not go up when you enter Friendswood. Rather, students who graduate from Friendswood tend to go on to further their education and receive a well-paying job, thus allowing them to provide the same lifestyle for their future children as their parents did for them.

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