There is No Such Thing as a Vegan
Drew French

Drew, your picture shows kill cones, I’d love to teach you how to make a good cut to the carotid artery on a chicken. Much less visceral than chopping off the head. The APPPA actually did a study that showed chickens are conscious for only 12 seconds after a proper cut to the neck, vs. 30 seconds for lopping off the head, as many of their brain activity is further down their spine into their neck.

Anyhow, good article. All the “vegans” that are throwing shade don’t really understand agriculture and how to raise animals, and want to continue throwing their outdated statistics at you. Vis as vis, all animals eat grains, thus eat crops that are grown in tillage. Ruminants do great on pasture land, which is typically not tilled. And they do not need to eat grain, it’s CAFOs that feed them grains to fatten them up. Life and death are all around us. I think those of us that actually raise real food have a much better respect not only for our food, but for the land we raise it on. I have limited respect for folks that try to tell me how wrong I am when they have not spent a minute working the land to raise food — veggies, fruits, grains or meats!

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