Hi Kristin, how are you?
Cynthia Marinakos

Thank you! I really need to give myself grace during this transition time. I am so hard on myself! It is a super scary and bold thing to do but I know in my heart it is the right thing for my long-term happiness. I got into UX design as it is a field where I can be creative and solve design problems that help people. Helping people and being creative are probably my two favorite things in life. I need to be creative every day, it is who I am. I hated my job as a business administrator at Microsoft, it became just a paycheck and not something I would look forward to going to every day. In fact, it was drudgery every morning I had to go to work. It had nothing to do with what I am passionate about. Design is something I always wanted to study but never did. I wanted to study graphic design when I was in college, but after 4 years earning my B.A. in studio art in 2003 (mixed media major in painting, drawing, photography and printmaking), I was burnt out and ready to be done with school. Once I got out into the working world, it became hard to go back to school, so I got complacent and stayed with Microsoft (and other non-creative jobs before that) because it was easy and in my comfort zone. I knew in my heart I had to pursue something else or I would remain miserable in my career. I was introduced to the UX Academy program with Designlab and decided to pursue it part-time while working full-time at Microsoft. In May I graduated and in order to pursue my UX/UI job search full-time, I quit my job on 7/7. It no longer made sense for me to stay at Microsoft when so much of my energy was needed for the job search so I finally cut the cord!

If you are curious about my work, I have both my art and design in my portfolio at kristinkube.com. :)