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Are Lazy People Inherently More Intelligent?

Are you worried you are not doing enough?

Are you as productive as you want to be, or need to be?

If not, is laziness a factor?

A recent article in the Huffington Post reported on a study whose findings suggest:

“The findings show that people with a high IQ get bored less easily, leading them to spend more time thinking, rather than doing, while active people tend to be less lazy because they need to stimulate their minds with physical activities, either because they want to do less thinking or because they get bored fast.” — Chloe Tejada, The Huffington Post Canada

Read the whole article here:

Read the original research publication here:

Neither of these articles mention the word, “productivity,” or the word, “motivation.”

So is laziness a term that only reflects a lack of activity?

It is certainly possible to be very active and not accomplish much that is productive.

It is also possible to sit in one place and be very productive.

Is the ability to sit in one place and think about things a mark of intelligence?

What do you think?

It seems to me that the people who are worried about being lazy are probably not lazy people.

Lazy people don’t worry about being lazy.

So the real question for you, if you worry about being lazy, is how can you know you have done enough?

Accusing yourself of being lazy may be a way to motivate yourself to do more.

I suspect this is a mental habit that started with some input from a parent, caregiver, or teacher who was either trying to motivate you to activate more of your inherent potential, or wasn’t getting the response from you that they asked for.

Either way, ask yourself if this laziness label is the best way to motivate yourself now, today.

Maybe the most intelligent thing to do is to treat yourself with more kindness, and motivate yourself by imagining yourself bringing more of your potential into the actual, rather than beating yourself up with accusations of laziness.

How we think about ourselves, life and other people directly determines the amount of productivity, enjoyment and fulfillment we have in our lives.

Each moment of your life the clock is ticking.

The human experience is finite.

You are choosing the emotional climate of your life by the thoughts you entertain on a moment by moment basis.

To focus your thoughts on comparisons with others, and accusations of laziness, will not allow you to access your potential.

To activate your potential, as well as have a more enjoyable and fulfilling life, choose more enjoyable and fulfilling thoughts.

This is possible even during adverse circumstances.

In fact, the ability to think encouraging and optimistic thoughts during adverse circumstances is the only way to sensitize yourself to the options and possibilities for a successful outcome that are available in each moment.

“There’s always a way — if you’re committed.” — Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins tells a story about a difficult time early in his business career when a business partner absconded with $750,000 and left Tony’s business on the verge of bankruptcy.

Business advisors and bankers encouraged him to file for bankruptcy. But Tony refused, telling them and himself, “There’s always a way.” And he found one. He brought the business back from the edge. Today his net worth is estimated at $480 million.

Use your intelligence to its best advantage by keeping your mind focused on what you want, and asking empowering questions about how to get there. This is the most efficient pathway to success.

You also might consider setting an impossible goal.

The reason to set an impossible goal is so that you focus the power of your mind on becoming the person who can achieve that goal, even though it might seem impossible today.

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