Ever wondered who’s behind FCancer and why? 🤔
The FCancer Project

Fcancer Rocks. I have no words to express how grateful Cancer Charity4Life Inc., is for the Founders of Fcaner their TEAM and DREAM of a VISION that truly is so very Beautiful. We are a new charity and soley rely on volunteer’s to help us make a difference in the life of others. Your organization is truly a game changer. With my own diagnosis of a very rare cancer, poor prognosis, more questions than answers and then God putting on my heart to make a difference in the life of others in a different way, I founded a non-profit for sarcoma research due to lack of funding from the federal government, majority of funding comes from private sectors, raising awareness for this rare cancer, sharing my story of hope, help possibliblities so no one fights alone. Fighting for our future and younger generations so parents no longer have to grieve the loss of a child due to the lack of effective treatments. Sarcoma is resistant to chemotherapy and our tools to fight with have run out. Thank you, Thank you for all you and your First Class Volunteers do. I am in awe and so very blessed.

None of us can help everyone, But all of us can help someone, And when we help them, We Serve Jesus!!!

The little things you do…the sacrifices you make…may not always be noticed by others…but God sees every one of them and smiles. -)