Technology for us

Technology for me is something fun and something that can help you in your daily life like when you’re a student like me, you can use in when you need to research about something in AP or math basically any subject or when you need to print something important. When your work is related to using technology like you’re a teacher you can use it when you do power points to help you in teaching or you work for a travel company you need to keep in touch with your client or you need to keep in touch with your boss.

Technology is something that has done a lot of things for us any almost any way but we tend to overuse it like when you’re a kid your probably addicted to your phone and you can’t live a day without it because maybe your busy talking to your friends in your group chats, watching youtube or reading this blog on Medium but even though doing all of these things is fun we should also be reminded that we don’t base our life in technology but technology has done lots of things for me too.

I have aunts that live far away like in London and the USA one time my aunt got sick and we needed to contact them because my aunt needed them here so without technology they wouldn’t be here to support my aunt so technology has done lots of amazing things that we are so thankful for and we are so blessed that we live and this generation where we have technology. I hope you enjoyed reading this small blog about technology

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