Real estate revolution

Kristjan Plantan
Oct 13, 2018 · 4 min read

Real-estate prices are extremely high in today’s time and only a few individuals can afford to buy a house or apartment. In particular, young people are more likely to encounter this problem, because they do not have enough money to buy the real estate, and they can’t take a loan due to a low initial salary. The real-estate market has been the same for more than 50 years. The only thing that changed in those years is that the prices went to the air. Well, Brikbit has a fresh and amazing solution for the real-estate market.*CuOBwUYrY05WqyouzBJqvw.jpeg

Brikbit is a Lisk blockchain-based project that will allow tokenization of the property. It is a principle that each property is divided into several coins, and the owner can sell these coins. When purchasing coins, the buyer becomes a part owner of a real estate. The percentage of ownership is conditioned by the share of cooled tokens. If the property is divided into 1000 chips and is purchased by the buyer 490, it becomes 49% owner of the property.
With the help of the platform, young buyers will be able to get a new home by buying and stacking REDA tokens (REDA tokens are real estate digital objects which are resenting the value and main features of the property ). At the same time, it also allows the division of a property for which the owner does not have sufficient funds for renovation or maintenance. The platform will also reward designers and builders who will be paid with REDA tokens. These tokens can be easily exchanged at the exchanges or they can be kept until the token value raises. The entire Brick bit system will be designed for both customers and industry operators and will eliminate intermediaries and thereby reduce costs. The biggest advantage of such a system is that the entire real estate market will be on the blockchain, where the data is stored and protected against intrusions.


I was especially impressed by their roadmap. By the end of the ICO, the Beta version of the platform should be presented by the end of the year. The first REDA test is expected to be held next year. In addition to several important milestones you can see on the chart below, I was most impressed by the last one. By 2025, they are planning an exceptional project, namely the design and design of the first REDA city. Prior to this, already in 2020, they are planning to make 1st REDA pillow construction, which will actually show how the system works in practice and will likely to increase the interest in the Brikbit.

Their team consists of experts from the field of blockchain as well as from real estate. Their CTO Alessandro Dell Orto is an architect and expert in the field of the blockchain so that together with an experienced team, the implementation of the project should not present excessive problems.

ICO details:

Their ICO will start on 29th of November. They are planning to raise 24 000 ETH, which is their hardcap. The lowest raised value that will still allow them to proceed with the project is 3000 ETH, which is their softcap.
Token name: BRIK
Total supply: 100 000 000 BRIK tokens
Supply for sale: 75 000 000 BRIK tokens
The remaining 25 000 000 BRIK tokens will be managed by their team:
Founders: 8,000,000 BRIK tokens
Advisors: 3,000,000 BRIK tokens
Marketing: 5,000,000 BRIK tokens
Community expansion: 3,000,000 BRIK tokens
Technical bounty : 6,000,000 BRIK tokens

I think that a platform that benefits all participants in the real estate market will be a great success. With the lower contribution, it allows young families to live in one place while allowing the distribution of the value of the property. The biggest benefit from this platform will have the construction workers, who will get a share of tokens, with which they will later be able to receive a share of rentals or they could simply exchange them in exchanges. The Brikbit platform brings unprecedented value to users, unlike most projects on the blockchain, and that’s why I like it so much.

For many years, the real estate market has been the same buying-selling, and it is about time that, like in the other areas, where the technology left a huge impact, there are improvements as well. I am really happy to see that things are moving in this area as well and soon we could have a revolution in real estate market tanks to BrikBit

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