The Decentralized Referral / Reward Platform

Advertising on the Internet is often very costly and does not always reach the desired consumer circle. Consumers still trust the most well-known merchants and sellers who are recommended by their friends, acquaintances, and relatives in the vast majority of purchases. The same applies to services. Fortunately, there is a revolutionary platform coming on the market where users can evaluate the quality of services, restaurants or even online stores, thus providing a database that will make people easier to make purchases or visit a certain restaurant. It is called Plentix.

Plentix is a modular, decentralized, tokenized, blockchain platform that aims to bring benefits to the customer, brands, and businesses that sign up. As such, everyone is the winner: the success of the platform is intimately connected to the success of its users, the growth of its token and the value created by the ecosystem. Users can refer a friend using the easy-to-use Plentix interface. The referee will receive a discount code with which they can purchase from the specific business they were referred to. This platform brings benefits to the entire circle of users. The best advertisement for a particular service is a good opinion of users, and on the other hand, the future user or customer gets the desired information about the service or the merchant.

Plentix token distribution

One of the most important and most attractive things in the platform is undoubtedly a referral program. It is about the user who can recommend a specific service, restaurant or product and, on the basis of the opinion, also gets a certain number of tokens that will have a certain value. The use of referral programs is already very popular, but with an improved platform, like Plentix, it could become even easier and more useful. Larger companies such as Uber, Tesla and AIRBNB are profitable mainly due to the carefully designed referral marketing program. Only with this can they reach the desired number of users. Many of the smaller sellers with a quality product or service could have achieved significantly higher earnings with a carefully designed plan. The problem is, however, that they can not afford marketing as big as bigger companies. Here Plentix appears again, which will allow smaller retailers to use an extremely advanced, flexible, versatile and easy to use referral program, at a low cost.

Plentix roadmap, where you can see all important dates

The platform is decentralized and operates on the blockchain. The advantages of these facts are that the referral program is fully automated using smart contracts, without any authority or any controlling business and between. Also, due to the blockchain, the platform is tokenized, which means that at each recommendation the buyer can receive a certain discount, and the referral receives a certain amount of Plentix tokens. Plentix does not only reward the referrer and referred but also programmers who are working on platform and businesses which will have increased sales of products and services due to the platform.

Plentix is a winning platform for referrer, referred, programmers and business

Token: PTNs
 Schedule: March 2018
 Presale bonus: 30%
 Presale amount: 3,000,000 USD
 Crowd-sale amount: 7,000,000 USD
 Platform: Ethereum
 Price: 1 ETH = 10000 PTNs
 Hardcap : 10.000.000 USD

Final thought

I think that platforms like Plentix are already proven to work. The only problem is that that kind of platforms only works for individual services. Competitors that offer services on the blockchain are less noticeable, and their services are not as good as Plentix services. Most of all, with the Plentix platform, I was delighted that users could earn part of the tokens through a referral program or get a discount on the recommended service. The platform solution is therefore bidirectional because it offers advantages for both users and service or product providers. I think the future of the platform is closely dependent on getting more users, which should not be an issue for an experienced team with experience in working in the world’s largest companies such as Microsoft, IBM Ford, Amazon, Google, etc. In a few years, we can expect a huge use of the Plentix Platform, which could control the majority of online marketing and referral program.

If you want to know more about Plentix you can read their whitepaper,visit their website, or join their telegram group.

This article was created in exchange for a potential token reward through Bounty0x my username is tikezza33