1 Sheet: A Useful Summary
Marco Marandiz

Hi Marco,

I read this article after reading the one about SF not being visionary. That was a great article. This idea is pretty good but I don’t see myself having the discipline to do it. It’s been several months since you wrote this. Did you end up sticking to the plan?

At the end of this article you asked for book recommendations. Would you consider reading my book? It’s called “The Wheat Money.” When I wrote it I was targeting high school history classes. It’s a whirlwind look at the last 150 years of US history. It compares my ancestors to that of my husband’s since the end of slavery. I consider it the least any American needs to know about the last 150 years of racism. The book does well by word of mouth and I’ve moved on to other projects but I still hold out hope that someone will read it and want to purchase in bulk (at cost — no profit for me needed) for a high school class or an entire school district.

So…what do you think? Will you put my book on your reading list? You can get it on Amazon and you can check out my reviews there also. Alternatively you can visit www.thewheatmoney.com and read the first chapter before making a decision.

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