EXCLUSIVE: Documents expose how Hollywood promotes war on behalf of the Pentagon, CIA and NSA
Tom Secker

Of course the Defense Department would want to portray themselves in a positive light, when a Hollywood movie requests access or assests from the U.S. government. Here is something that might suprise everyone — Hollywood wants to make money off their films. In order to do this, they have to make compelling films. This means using real things (jets, helicopters, tanks, military bases) when possible.

The Defense Department doesn’t exist to make iron man look really cool. So to the extent that they volunteer to provide some equipment to a movie, it is used as an advertising investment.

This is censorship… It’s an agreement. If Hollywood wanted to have control of their art, then they would find another way to get access to the jets, helicopters, and tanks. They don’t care about the art — they care about the money.

If you think the U.S. government is censoring you (or if you are afraid of little green men coming to snatch you out of your bed), please don’t respond over the internet. You should probably write your thoughts down (in invisible ink), and send them to me by carrier pigeon. Also don’t forget to put on your tin-foil hat before writing down your thoughts — you wouldn’t want the NSA to be able to read your mind.

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