Is eSports Betting the New Trend?

The rise in eSports betting has led many industry experts to wonder if this is the latest trend to hit the sports betting industry. This rapid growth in the industry is exciting but will this be a fad that is set to end in the near future?

Where did eSports Betting Begin?

The boom in eSports betting coincided with the increase in popularity of eSports gaming. This made it possible for more players to get their kicks on professional gaming, an opportunity that they may not otherwise have gotten. The commercialisation of eSports tournaments has led to more scrutiny being placed on the industry.

Teams now compete to reach the same levels of fame as more traditional sports stars. They can be regarded in the industry as equally influential too, with every comment affecting the odds of eSports betting pundits. Any rumours of strife in a team or their most recent line up can drastically effect what odds eSports betting outlets offer.

While initially just a few specialist eSports betting bookmakers jumped on this trend, now even the larger companies offer bets on eSports. These are often seen as slow to change and really want to see the worth of an industry before they invest in it. The fact that so many of them offer bets on these games really shows that the eSports betting arena is growing.

Plenty of people who had never heard of eSports are now lining up to place their wagers. Games like Counter Strike and League of Legends are now watched by millions, with millions of pounds on the line too. This is a scenario that the creators of these games could never have imagined.

Will eSports Betting Continue to Boom?

So far, the industry doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. In fact, it’s still rapidly expanding on a regular basis. New games, new teams and new tournaments are bolstering the growth, with plenty more expected to come along too. eSports betting isn’t going anywhere.

ESPN are currently one of the few television channels to show eSports matches, as they clearly see the value of the games. They’ve boosted their ratings thanks to this, another side effect that eSports have on the real world. These were once thought to have no real effect on the world outside but this is clearly no longer the case.

The world of eSports betting seems set to overcome that of traditional sports betting. One reason for this is that eSports fans are simply more likely to be online and active. When compared to traditional bookmakers, trading online is a lot less expensive and intrusive. Not only do eSports bets appeal to a different audience, there’s also more profit to be made within their realms.

Right now, many people are backing this emerging industry but the growth will no doubt slow down as the market becomes saturated. It can only get so big before it begins to fold again, but when this may be is anyone’s guess right now.