Why 1 View is Everything
Gary Vaynerchuk

This is such a great post.

It’s something that many people struggle with — even something many corporate companies struggle with. The idea that it takes time to build and grow an audience is often something people forget. I can’t count the number of times I’ve sat in meetings telling those in charge that you can’t just buy an audience — it takes time to cultivate if you want real engagement.

It’s something I’m also trying to remember myself as I build my podcast — Moonshot (http://moonshot.audio/). At the moment we’ve only had a small amount of downloads really — but we’re getting good reviews from people I respect, have interviewed some amazing people for the show, and even made it up to 11 on the tech podcast charts in Australia after posting the second episode. So while the numbers aren’t big (yet)— I’m reminding myself that it takes time. I’m really just trying to push away at getting great interviews and content — in the hope that one day it will grow.

Gary Vaynerchuk — If ever you have time to be on Moonshot — let me know. :)